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    Ok so I understand how to germinate but then once its sprouted a little then I just put it into a cup and gradually put it into bigger cup/pots, right?? I am really confused because I am growing out doors but like do I put it outdoors even when its really small like that? And plant it in the ground? Do I need lights to start everything off???!?!?!

    Im just confused because like do they need light when they had jut been germinated and have been put into a very small pot? Do I just let it sit outside?

    Edit: I've read like all the reviews and I also do not understand watering. Some say you have to everyday or something and some say do its once a week. If I dig a hole, fill it with good soil and mulch and stuff then plant the plant how much do I water it and when?
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    You're going to want a relatively decent light to start them if you plan on starting indoors.

    Edit: For watering, stick a few fingers a few inches into the dirt and if its still moist you're good for a day or too. If its dry then water it.
  3. any ideas?

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