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  1. 14 day old plant in happy frog my first set and second of 5 finger leaves are developing . last watered four days ago and has been happy until last night when she started to curl like she was over watered. the cup has been dry by touch and weight for at least a day.The temp in tent is between 81 and 87 lights on and humidity is normally between 45 and 55. im tempted to water because i dont want my microbes to dry out and die. but confused as to how is shes over watered considering how dry the cup was
  2. Temps seem a bit high, but some clear pics in natural light would help us diagnose your plant better.
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  3. Here you go. and thank for the help kp1.jpg kp2.jpg kp3.jpg kp4.jpg kp5.jpg kp6.jpg kp7.jpg

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  4. No problem.
    The top new growth looks to be showing the beginning signs of over-watering (speed bumps and chicken claws) . You said you watered 4 days ago and the soil feels dry to the touch, right? What part of the soil feels "dry"? Just the top 1" or the whole soil in general? How does the cup feel when you pick it up? How often were you watering her?
  5. The first 7 days i watered every other day, i dropped her on the 9th day the root ball collapsed so i moved into a bigger cup, slightly watered on the 9th and 10th day. she recovered on the 11th day but i havent watered since the 10th day
  6. How do the leaves feel to the touch really wet and soggy.
  7. What do you mean by "the root ball collapsed"?
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  8. when it fell the dirt that was around the roots was pretty much loose. theres wasnt enough roots to keep it together
  9. Perhaps she's still in the process of recovering from the shock of the fall? Were any of the roots damaged? If so, that's going to take some time to heal. Did the leaves look that way before the fall?
  10. No no roots were damaged . when i dropped it it was just developing the first 3 finger leaf. she stalled for for about 2 days and she didnt look too happy. but the night of the second day just before lights out her leaves started standing up the stem got thicker and has been great until last tight
  11. Not sure what to tell you man. If I'm wrong, then I'm not too sure what it could be at this time. Perhaps give her more time to recover and the roots more time to start developing a nice system.
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    This is what I would consider.

    Notice the soil horizon in the cup is quite shallow. That is a mildly big plant for such a small root zone. Are there holes in the bottom? I don't see them! The roots like to dry out. They do not like being in constant moisture. I only water when the soil is pretty dry. It kind of looks like there is standing water in the bottom of the cup. Also keep in mind that cannabis is a drought tolerant plant. Meaning it does not like a lot of water. When I move plants to a bigger container, in this case 1 gallon containers, I quickly place the root mass in the new container, in the exact same form as the root mass so it just slips right in the new container. I put some mycorrhizae in the root mass pit and then lightly cover the root mass with soil to match or change the existing soil level.

    Then I only water a little bit on top of the new container / soil level and let the medium suck up some water from the bottom. When I am done transplanting to a new container, the soil is mostly dry. There are a few patches of moist soil, but the roots have to go look for moisture. That should help. That will also keep the plants from just sitting there after transplanting. They grow right away using this method.

    That should also give you a chance to re check your ppm's and make sure you are not putting too much salt in the soil. Even use RO water for a while just to make sure you create a nice environment. I purchase it at Whole Foods. You can stick to your nutrient mix as long as toxicity shock is not showing up or (like me) you put in too much cal mag and lock things up.

    But just transplanting and then NOT overwatering should make a difference.
    Just a thought. You gotta transplant right away anyway!
  13. You need a real pot with holes on the bottom. Seems like you keep watering it and the water has no where to go. A small plant does not drink too much. Let it dry out, when you pick it up, it should be as light as a feather. Then water like normal. A small plant like that I water 1 every 3 to 4 days with 1 cup of water or if the top 2 inches of soil is bone dry.
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  14. There were holes. i just watered b4 the pic because had already made my mind up to transplant. im like 70% it was getting root bound, that and i think i need a bigger fan for temp ..i transplanted into into a 2 gal that day. she came back a day or so after and was doing good, until today. one of the cheap clip fans fell and crushed her up pretty bad while i was at work. i just ended up letting her go. Thanks for the help

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