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Confused on when to water

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sid Taylor, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Hey all! Man I'm confused. I read so many ways on when to water but I'm lost. I really need some help. I got some Peak19 and Jack Herer clones that should be starting to show roots in rockwool in a few days. They are in a dome with two 32W floro's about an inch from the top of the dome. I have sprayed the 1" rockwool cube with a spray bottle with RO PH'd water with no nutes when the cubes seem to be dry which has been a few times since they were put in the cubes last saturday. I have not sprayed the girls at all since putting them in the cubes. They are on a heat pad and the chamber is at a constant 26 C (78.8 F).

    How long should roots be showing out of the rockwool cube before they can go into expanded clay pellets and under 1000W MH?

    I tried this before but when the roots showed from the rockwool cube about 1/4" they turned brown. Not sure what to do so the plants don't die.

    When the girls are able to go into the expanded clay pellets, how often should I feed them? I use a feed ring that delivers a steady stream of water. I read that I should water 24/7 and that I should water for 15 min every 2 hrs or so. What should I do?

    I have more questions but maybe some of the answers i get will answer some of those.

    Thanks to those that can lend a helping hand
  2. Here is a few pics of my cuttings. Why are they turning yellow. They have not gotten any nutes yet at all other that the root stimulator I used when I put them in the rockwool cubes and peat pellets.

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  3. another

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  4. Maybe try smaller cuttings or taking the big leaves off, It works for me no yellowing and 99% of them rooted.
  5. give them time they will root then once oyu put htem on nutes theyll grow much better. Make sure you dont have rot growing up at the tip from them being too wet.

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