confused about cfls....

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  1. "The 105w bulb puts out 6,200 lumens and is the fluorescent equivalent to a 400w MH and produce very little heat. Available in vegetative and flowering spectrums. Fits STANDARD household sockets and are compatible with most Compact Fluorescent Fixtures"

    above is the website description of some cfl bulbs i would like to purchase. what i'm confused about is the part that says that these bulbs are the "fluorescent equivalent to a 400w MH"
    i may be no expert, but i know that a 400w MH puts out a lot more lumens than that, so how exactly is this its equivalent?
    the opinion of someone more knowledgeable than myself would be much appreciated! happy toking!
  2. well... im not a cfl expert either but my guess is that they are just trying to sell their product.

    at least in flowering mh/hps has a big advantage over CFL. more lumen = more power to the plant

    easy equation. correct me if i am wrong.
  3. theres a fuckin' sticky about it man read up

  4. selling their product, that's exactly what i figured was the case too. i definitely already know more lumens is better. my hids are turning my tent into an oven too easily though, so i'm loading up on a few more of these cfls (i've already got two, and tested them for temp output--they're perfect for my situation). thanks for commenting!:D

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