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Confronting dealers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Billys lad, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. So I've known this dude for about 12 years, since we were like 7 years old. Recently I bought off him for the first time and he gave me less than what I paid for but not wanting to start shit I just took it. Should I have told him I wasn't retarded and that I do know my shit and I was obviously getting under packed? Or should I have just let it slide and try him again because he's very conveniently located haha. I never know whether to question these fuckers or not when they under me.
  2. Ask to see it on the scale next time since you do not have one. ;)

  3. Just say he might have messed up the weight if your afraid to confront him. What you should do is confront him and say you were weighed short and demand the rest of your bud. If he says no tell him to fuck himself, you don't need to deal with people like him.
  4. I don't like to promote eyeballing, and think it would be a mistake to confront someone on account of something looking short to you unless it was massively so.
    First thing they will ask is by how much it was short.
    What will you tell them?
    I have a scale. I won't tell you how short it was, but it was.
    I don't see it playing out very well.
  5. Never ever take less then what you should be getting! If he doesn't scale it out in front of you then I recommend you buy a scale for around 10-15 bucks at your local head shop. Next time you pick up from him just make sure he doesn't know your an idiot. Finding good dealers can take some time because most are just out to make a quick buck.
  6. confront him! Bring a sword
  7. [quote name='"StateofReverie"']confront him! Bring a sword[/quote]

    This exactly
  8. How much under? I weight out an ounce, and three weeks later its drier and lighter, but still the same volume. Don't confront...mention it nicely. You've known this guy for a while. Did he repackage it? I don't fuss if its .1 low for example.

    "Hey, my last purchase was a bit light. How much shrinkage should I expect?"

    Thou shalt not cut off thy connection before its time.
    Submitted for your approval,
  9. id shoot him a text saying, hey i think your scale might be off...
    say you calibrated yours so you know its spot on & your bag is a little short.
    hopefully he will offer to hook you up next time.

    make sure you are somewhat nice about it...
    if you try to act all hard/badass he might just cut you off completely.
  10. He probably just made a mistake. Just be real with him.
  11. I've been in the same situation. I was picking up a quarter and my dealer gave me an 8th. I noticed it after he had left so I called back and he apologized and delivered the rest to me.
  12. Unless you know for sure it's short I wouldn't say anything. .1-.2 grams isn't really a big deal. Since its only the first time you've bought from him it's not a big deal, but if next time you pick up and looks short just be like, "What'd you do 3.5?" (if you're getting a eighth) and if he says yeah then be like ok cool. When you ask your dealer about the weight they will usually be honest because if you ask them about weight they prob will think you have a scale and are weighing it yourself.
    But if you're just eyeballing I wouldn't accuse him of anything. I've seen eighths fill the same size bag as a quarter does. But if you do get shorted after two times and have proof bring it up and they'll probably be embarrassed and hook you up a few times.

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