Conflict is only in the mind

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  1. As you think, so shall you become. The mind is essentially empty. If you put affliction in it, it becomes afflicted.
  2. what about high speed blunt objects?
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    What about them?

  4. :smoke:
  5. Are you saying it's possible to enjoy being bludgeoned to death?
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    if you called me a name of some kind and i found myself offended, it would be my judgement of the name that offended me rather than the fact that it is a name. i have assigned that name all of its power to offend me in that case.

    if i was offended, it could present a conflict. if i were to refuse to be offended by names then no conflict will arise. thus, conflict is only in the mind.

    some people apparently thought so in the past, probably some people still do in the present.

  7. Exactly

    What precedes being bludgeoned to death? What precedes the bludgeoner from grabbing a bludgeoning tool to bludgeon?

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