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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jackolover, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. Last night I went to this big club in the city, the China Club, first time there. I've never seen such ridiculously strict security. First we walk through a metal detector, then for the ladies there's a woman who uses the metal detector wand and then she actually goes through every fuckin item in your bag. I figured they'd poke around in there just to see if I had a weapon but they were actually looking for drugs. I had this very small purse, in a little pocket I had my pipe (never leave home without it) and a small nickel bag (yup they're still out there, lol). So she finds my pipe and just says I got to get rid of it, she proceeds to finish checking my stuff, she made me open my contact lens case and she looked in my altoids box. So they took my pipe and put it off to the side, I asked if I could have it back later and she just shrugged and later I couldn't get over there to get it, so it's gone. I had packed it too before I left, it's a pipe with a little cover on it. I'm so pissed, it was a $15.00 pipe, no big deal, but it was new, 2 weeks old, I loved it! I think that's bullshit, it's my property, pipes are not illegal, marijuana is, and you know the funny thing is that she ddn't say anything about the nickel bag, go figure, I realized today that it was still in my bag, I'd rather her have taken that than my pipe.

    So tell me, do you think it's illegal to steal my pipe like that? Are they really allowed to do that and not at least give it back? I know there's no way to get it back though.
  2. When you found out they were going to confiscate your pipe, why didn't you just turn around and leave with your pipe?
  3. Well I was already through the first metal detector, there were people right behind me. Plus, my friend's were all already inside and I figured that I'd either be able to get it back or I could just buy another one, I had been planning to go to this place for awhile. Basically I really wanted to get in. Well I guess then I should stop bitching huh? lol. At least I found out that a friend of mine bought me something "special" for christmas and everyone knows what to get me....

  4. Nay!!! you called it a rant from the beginning so you can bitch all you want to. They should have had a sign posted about possible confiscation.

    I've got a friend who owns apartments around a college and he had two of them broke into over the weekend. The renters had gone home for the break and my buddy had to go in with the cops to check evrthing out. Guess what the first thing they found?........ a homemade five gallon hooka with resin all in it. The cops said they now have a good reason to search the rest of the apartment but decided not to since it was apparent that it was for recreational use..... The cops told my buddy to tell the renters that the bong had been seen by the cops and they would now keep an eye out for suspicous activity at the apartment. But they didn't take the bong. Good thing it was an old cop who didn't want to hassle with the parework rather than a newbie nazi cop!
  5. The funny thing is half the cops smoke themselves! It's ridiculous, if pot is illegal then cigarettes should be illegal too, but that's another issue altogether.
  6. I think that the club security lady is retarted as hell. She should have just held it and given it to you later(or at least mailed it to you in discreet packaging). Anyway what business does the club have going through your purse? It's technically PRIVATE PROPERTY. It's not like you were even gonna toke up on the dance floor. You better fight for your right, hence feel free to vent!
    I also agree with your last post,like cigarrettes aren't dangerous,hell I've seen people who chain smoke a pack a day. They just get belligerent,cranky, and hyperactive, not to mention they reek to high hell. Not the case with stoners who are more peaceful,inquisitive,appreciative, and likeable people. Sure in moderation cigarretes aren't bad(like to mask the pot smell in case the po-pos raid your space or get wired at a party),but to be using them in excess, is no different than smoking crack! Hey they're both uppers.
    Ironically those mind altering substances known as cigarettes are legal.
  7. what a waste. At the club I go to the security don't even 'see' the pipes or drugs. Big pipes, sack of weed, they don't care...

    But don't try to bring in a flask!!!

    (I had a nice little glass pipe confiscated in customs once. They put it in a bag and broke it so they could test the inside. It was clean, but worthless broken)
  8. Well face it your lucky they didnt call the cops, you had a pipe and weed in thats possesion and parphalia so I wouldnt be complaining if I were you, plus it was only a 15 dollar pipe with a cover so I assume its wooden not a big deal in my book.

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