confiscated paraphenilia

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  1. Her is a pic of some of the pipes a Forest Service Law officer has taken from people in the forest. He mentioned this was only a small part of his collection.

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  2. There were some really nice pieces there. The glass in the lower left was very thick and had nice work in it.

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  3. Am I just high or is that a dead head?
  4. The pipe made out of the eagle head not only got them a ticket for possesion of paraphenelia, but also a felony conviction for killing the Golden Eagle.

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  5.'s a pipe! That's craziness! I would not smoke out of a dead head...or a live one but still...that's kind of weird.
  6. I would think you could see what he saw on a tour or something, don't know why he would tour that but anythings possible.

    That head is fu**ed up man, are those his real eyes? I would guess not but shit, never seen anything like that before, wtf...

    thats bong heaven.
  8. Lock me in a room with an ounce or three with all them bongs :)

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