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Discussion in 'General' started by richardmanhamer, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. So I ordered some SPICE GOLD from spiceworld420 . com and I received the notification that it was delivered today at 2:22pm, however I have no package.

    I was at work at the time so I don't really know if it got here or not. My parents were home at the time it says it was delivered so I can only think that they must have gotten it and have it and have hidden it from me.

    I don't know for sure and I feel weird asking them if they have my package of legal herbs. I don't know how to ask them and if they don't have it I don't want to tip them off to me getting it.

    I will wait until tomorrow maybe it has been delayed or something, but hopefully they didn't take it, open it and/or throw it away. FUCK!

    Current Track & Confirm e-mail information provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

    Service Type: Delivery Confirmation - Priority

    Shipment Activity Location Date & Time
    Delivered PA 17011 08/02/07 2:22pm

    Arrival at Unit PA 17011 08/02/07 5:57am

    Enroute SWEDESBORO NJ 08085 08/02/07 12:02am

    Electronic Shipping NEW PORT RICHEY FL 34656 07/31/07 1:18pm
    Info Received
  2. When did you place the order?
  3. I ordered it on 07/31/2007 and it says that is the day it shipped.

    My rents just got back from dinner and they didn't seem like they were hiding anything from me. I don't know what the fuck happened to my package tho.
  4. Well its a federal crime to tamper with someone elses mail, so if your parents get snippy, make sure to remind them of this.
  5. How old are you again? Ask them if you received a package. You paid for it, it's your property, and it's not illegal. What can they do?
  6. I'm 21, and yeah I know they can't tamper with it, but they can always say some shit like, "Oh I thought it was mine."

    They know I smoke weed and only caught me a few months ago, so their trust isn't back yet, plus I owe money for health insurance so they could always kick me out and say stop buying drugs until you can pay for your shit. But yeah, my life isn't hard, I just am damn lazy and only got a job just last week after being fired 4-5 weeks ago for using a proxy to break through my employer's websence internet block to look at newsgroups. FUCK.
  7. You bought the package when you still had a job, and it's only just now came ;)

    I still say the easiest way to go about it is to ask for what's yours.
  8. I'm calling the post office tomorrow. If they give me the run around I am definitely going to be pissed, that spice gold shit wasn't cheap and I was really looking forward to putting it on top of a phat bowl of dank.
  9. ^ if i were you, i would smoke the spice by itself rather than w/ weed so you can get a good gauge of what the effects are.
  10. Well I found out my dad took the package and opened it. It was just an envelope that said priority mail on it. The sender said S W and didn't look suspicious at all.

    My dad got the package, opened it, and researched what it was on the internet.

    When I told him it is a federal offense to open some one else's mail, he said, "Ok, arrest me."

    As soon as I asked him if I received any packages he said, "What package?" "What kind of package?" "How big is the package?"

    I responded saying I got some free samples, he said "Free samples of what?"

    I said "Shampoo and other little items."

    He said "Are you still doing drugs? You are out of here if you are still doing drugs. Did you get spice? Is that what you wanted? You can order drugs off the internet, I know what this is for."

    I said "I'm not doing drugs, it is for incense use only."

    He said "To cover up the smell of your weed."

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I am moving out ASAP and going to bc canada forever.
  11. are you wasnt..

    a slip instructing you to pick up your package at the post office??--usually, if a packaged is delievered and no one is home to sign for it, they will leave a slip and tell you to pick it up the day later.

    edit; sucks about your dad gettin your package..he prolly already smoked your spice by now
  12. Well, fuck. If you're feeling really vindictive, call the police.
  13. I don't understand why you didn't tell him Spice is a 100% legal herb that doesn't get you high.
  14. that's why i don't have anything mailed to my house, i have everything mailed to my friend's house, i know he won't fuck with my shit >_<

  15. its not 100% legal. why do you think most websites wont ship to USA? and it DOES get you high.
  16. Spice definitely does get you high. Just be careful how much you smoke...There has been no research on it that I have found, could be harmful.

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