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    Hey guys, I just need a confirmation that this is in fact some sort of deficiency. I also experienced a tiny bit of nute burn also so I'm not sure if the nute overload caused a nutrient lock?

    I just need to know if this is in fact what is wrong before I flush it

    Edit: I found this really nice site explaining the different stresses to a plant and it looks like a Zinc deficiency but also a nutrient lock?

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  2. Wow when I got home from work last night after flushing it, it looked in really bad shape. I guess the amount of water during flushing causes the plant to wilt some?

    It's looking much better this morning but hopefully the yellowing of the leaves will go away soon
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    Yes, it appears to be a deficiency.

    But you can't fix a deficiency until you know why there is a deficiency. Often, a nute deficiency is due to pH being out of whack, such that you are delivering plenty of the nute to the plant but it cannot uptake. So adding even more of that nute won't help and in fact will hurt.

    Flushing was good to do. Next you need to check you pH.

  4. Yea it was one of many mishaps during this grow. I finally had the extra cash to get a ph meter so I flushed with ph balanced water. I checked the Ph of the water I have been watering them with and it was extremely high which I'm sure is the reason for the deficiency.

    How many days does it generally take for the plant to rebound?
  5. P.S. It does not look like a zinc problem, if anything it looks like a magnesuim problem to me.

    If you don't fix the pH then the plant won't rebound no matter how many days you give it. Test the runoff after watering as your gauge and target -- if it is too high then you need to water with lower pH. But starting with high pH is a recipe for ongoing problems.
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    thanks for the help.

    Edit: tested the drained water and one came in at 6.2 and the other came in at 6.7 so just a little tweaking on the ph and I should be fine. Should being the key word.
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    Now that I actually have a way to test the ph, I am able to test the ph after adding my nutes and before even adjusting anything, the ph fell from around 7.1 to 6.0...just from adding the nutes. This was also cutting the amount of nutes in half so the PH could have been even lower originally.

    Edit: Fuck after testing the runoff of the diluted water w/nutes, the ph fell to 5.9. I never read that adding nutes could affect the ph so much. Chalk it up to another learning experience

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