Confession =(

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I'll be blunt,

    I smoke (vape) marijuanas. I hope that doesn't offend anyone on this forum. Hopefully there's at least one person on this forum who smokes the marijuanas and can relate. fyi :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. You're not going to find any dope smokers on this forum you criminal!
  3. you had me at "blunt"
  4. You realize it kills brain cells right?

    Think of your future man.
  5. You ever see reefer madness? You're going to go bat shit crazy
  6. I'm high as phuck and this is no joke. I laugh anyway.
  7. Whoa, dont OD man!
  8. You can talk to me bro. I used to be hooked on marijuanas. I was injecting at least 4 of the kush type of marijuanas daily. I was also snorting keif on top of it. Was in and out of rehab for years. Don't get hooked man. Marijuana will turn you crazed and cause you to look twice at a white woman and step on a white mans shadow.

  9. the marijuana drug is dangerous. You can over dose and become very addicted to the marijuana drug. The marijuana drug causes violence within the peaceful comunity.
  10. the amount of danger in one bowl is crazy.
  11. It's a gateway drug. It leads to junk food! Then you become obese! And and you'll be huge! And won't be able to move around and stuff
  12. You do marijauna's? I knew a guy who knew a guy who did marijuana's, and that guy knew a guy who did marijuana's and he died.
  13. you aren't allowed to talk about drugs on this forum sorry
  14. I'll pray for you.
  15. yo gunna get cancer
  16. I'm about to try marijuanas for the first long do I hold in...can I eat it raw and get mad high? Is it supposed to be brown? Are those seeds? Do those get you higher. I hope I don't get too high for too long I got a test tomorrow fuck....

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