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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Apr 19, 2003.


What is a "Cone"?

  1. a cylindar that forgot it was a cylindar at one end and just kinda disapeard past a point.

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  2. coney island..? what?

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  3. the bit on the front of concorde

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  4. a thing u keep your scoop of icecream in

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  5. a bowl thats cone shaped

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  6. A big fat J that tapers at the end for optimum airflow.

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  1. just curious as i've seen someone refer to a cone as something different to what i know as a cone.
  2. An edible storage device designed to contain frozen dairy treat such as ice cream.
  3. ^^^^yeah that and a nicely tapered joint
  4. You're thinking of Australasia, over here we refer to a hand pipe and the metal unscrew bowl, as a cone.
  5. i dunno why I do this, but I wait to reply to *really* good posts until im, (very) much baked! :), digit,
    i smoke cones. period.
  6. I only know of one kinda cone....these things are the shit...

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  7. never smoked out of a cone..
    so thats what was in the kottonmouth kings video :p
  8. I can roll cone blunts....... using too blunts and about 5 grams of favorite type of smoke in the world...reserved for special occasions though.....
  9. hehehe, when I saw the name of this thread, i thought i would get a chance to talk about/explain conics...

    oh well...

    so can someone explain the cone shaped blunt to me?

  10. explain what how to roll it or what it is...... its a blunt that looks like an ice cream cone..... they get to be pretty big if ya have the right amount of cheeba...
  11. I voted the first option just to be obtuse.

    First time I heard of a "cone" was from a viet nam vet who described this thing you could by in nam for 5 USD. It consisted of a half ounce of weed and opium mixed together and rolled into a big "Cone". It was called a "danang bomber".
  12. a cone in australia is what you put in a cone piece
    which can be talking about a bucket, billy or pipe.. or anything that uses a cone piece.

    the green inside the metal.

  13. Yeah thats it basically a cone is the Australian name for a bowl.

    Yeah you can call what you put inside it a cone a well (gonna smoke a couple of cones)

    Honestly guys thats what it means (although it probably means other things as well)
  14. A cone is a big, cone-shaped joint. Gotta love 'em.
  15. cone shaped spliff was my first thought. That's why bowls are called bowls not cones ;)
  16. i voted the first one.....
  17. close enough s&t
  18. a cone is a three demensional object constisting of two faces and vertex, and one edge.
  19. cones are good
  20. :smoke: couple years ago..

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