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Cone rolling machines...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Onslaught, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. im sure it works but i have never used one.i just do it by hand i dont think its too hard. everyone can learn
  2. I find rolling machines a lot harder to use then rolling by hand, rolling by hand it might take you like 2 months to roll the perfect cone but its worth learning, and it only takes about three rolls before they become smokeable
  3. Ha, I wish! I've tried hand rolling like eight times taking all the advice I can and I cannot do it.
  4. try rolling from the other side, I couldn't roll at all till i realised that i had my roach on the wrong side for me, try with both sides and you might improve.
  5. Well, I can tighten the joint no problem it's the "rolling" part where you seal it off that I cant do it falls apart when I try.
  6. Pick up some shwag and some papers. $25 half O $1 rolling papers

    Roll up the whole pack. You'll be comfortable with rollin after that
  7. this is a good idea however i found it alot cheaper if you went to a tobacco store and bought some roll your own tobacco for like 3 bucks for a 1 1/2 o. along with the papers. you dont have to smoke the shit but it makes for great rolling practice... and its hella cheap.
  8. Ah, good idea man, maybe I'll try it out.
  9. When i was trying to learn I just bought a pouch of tobacco, and some papers, better then wasting weed on bad joints IMO. As posted above, you dont have to smoke them.
  10. or you could go to ampm and buy a box of Tops tobacco. its less than $5 and it comes with something like 30 papers
  11. I've got a cone roller. It is the shit! I left it at my other house though. Give me a few days and I'll post the results of one.
  12. I'm sure you could try it out.. i take it there not that expensive..
    Seems a little more complex when you can just learn to roll it by hand though..

  13. Entering the 5th year since you posted that, but if you're still active can you kindly show some results?
  14. I would like to know if they work... I can't roll anymore due to  arthritis and nerve damage... so I have been using metal pipes bc I keep dropping my glass ones.... but I would like roll roll one every now and then and I was thinking a good rolling machine would be cool

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