Cone Piece/bowl Hole Too Large, Not Air-Tight Please Help

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  1. Hi i purchased this 16.5 inch version and received it yesturday.

    The cone/bowl piece pull-through hole is quite large(i can nearly fit my pikny finger in it). Im currently using steel screens and mould them and spread it across best i can to avoid any air holes.
     Even so it seems no-where near air-tight and i run out of breath before i can finish it all also causing me to cause wastage.
    I purchased a carb stopper.. but it was too small :x
    I have the carb hole blocked now, though.

    Do i need to purchase a new bowl/cone piece? Any ideas which?
    Do i need glass screens? if so which size/shape?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Google "18mm glass slide"

    And find one ya like, voala!
  3. thankyou sir!

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