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  1. Which condoms are the best??? I'm looking for certains condoms that feels like, bare skin .like it feels like your not wearing them ,but you are :3

    Sorry my English is terrible and idk how to explain it
  2. Trojan Naturalamb.
  3. Trojan ultra thins
  4. [​IMG]

    Reusable...environmentally friendly.
  5. birth control
  6. This. I'd seriously rather get a handjob than having to use condoms.
  7. condoms suck
  8. Fuck condoms dude, raw dog that bitch.. It's what she wants..
  9. If I do use a comdom I use the durex extra sensitive ones. They're the best ones I've used so far.
  10. Im tired of using condoms! I want the REAL THING!
  11. [quote name='"Led Zepp"']Fuck condoms dude, raw dog that bitch.. It's what she wants..[/quote]

    But she ain't taking them >.<!!!! fuk!
  12. Condom's are for sailors!!!
  13. Crown skinless skin

  14. My favorite, by far. Super thin and durable so I'd say its a good alternative to having nothing. It's supposedly the #1 brand used by pornstars.
  15. The ones saying " raw dog that bitch " and shit are the ones that aren't doing it. Don't be fucking stupid and listen to advice like that, if your allready smart enough to be using condoms. Trojan ultra thin are nice but tear easily I suggest a standard trojan or lifestyle
  16. Has anyone tried the bareskin condoms????

    Any results??
  17. I suggest reading some reviews via Google. Obviously most of the guys in this thread will not give you a real answer for that.
    Try Crown if you want the thinnest possible. Very durable. Never had one break on me either.
  18. Get one that fits yo dick size; and one that's meant to feel like it's not there.

    Also thanks OP, you reminded me what I had to go out and purchase today XD

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