conditions for female plants??

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  1. okay so i've been streaming through these books all afternoon to no avail...i know i've read something indicating certain temperature, humidity, ect... that are more favorable to the possibility of getting a female or a male. does anyone know what i'm talking about?
  2. sex is 50/50 per seed

    The conditions of the grow will effect if the plants STAYS all female or not to some degree

    poor conditions can lead to hermies but good conditions will not make a male female
  3. Females do like the cooler conditions.
  4. I believe this is the answer your looking for....

    "Grow more female plants from seeds"

    Environmental factors start influencing sex the moment the seedling has three pairs of true leaves (not counting cotyledons). Environmental factors that influence sex determination of cannabis include but are not limited to:
    Increasing the level of nitrogen makes more female plants. Lower the nitrogen level to create more male plants. Increase the level of potassium to increase male tendencies; lowering the potassium level encourages female plants. A higher nitrogen level and lower potassium level for the first two weeks increases females.
    Low temperatrues increase the number of females. Warm temps make more male plants.
    High humidity increases the number of female plants. Low humidity increases males.
    Low growing-medium moisture increases males.
    More Blue light increases females, More red light increases male tendencies. Fewer hours of daylight (like 14) increases the number of females. Longer days (like 18 hours) make more male plants.
    any environmental stress tends to yield more male plants when growing from seed.

    -This soure of info is in Jorge Cervantes indoor/outdoor medical growers bible. I highly recommend you get this book. Cervantes obtained this info from Henk (owner of Dutch Passion Seeds).
  5. i have that book, and i thought thats where i read it but couldn't find it...thanks alot!

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