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  1. Gotta include a concert thread to this- heres a few I've been to. My 1st was AC/DC and Yngwie Malmsteen in 1985. I was only 15.

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  2. hmm well i really haven't been to too many, oh man some punk band like 15yrs ago- i got in free, lol. i've seen david wilcox a few times- awesome! tragically hip about 11yrs ago wich was outside and i had a blast. i bought this pinner for like 5 bucks off someone(which was a bit much then) and i was smokin it and this guy came up and wanted some so i said sure, after the pinner he gave me some acid! it was so much fun. you could tell everyone who had the acid cuz your tongues were green lol! i seen guns and roses and montley crew. i would just die to see ozzy! the old stuff of course. i just missed bob dylan when he came. i was sick! i know there is a couple more times but can't remember. by the way this post sounds~~~~~i'm gettin old!!!

    i forgot sarah mcglochlan(sp?) and grapes of wrath
  3. no lie.. my first concert.. was MC Hammer.. when I was like.. 7years old.. lol.. it was awesome.. there was this huge tour with TLC and Boys II men.. it was great.. lol.. i've been to all different kinds of concerts.. i saw o-town once.. shh! lol.. this summer.. i saw incubus and phantom planet, then i saw sparta, dashboard, and weezer, then i saw tool and i saw jimmy eat world, sparta again, our lady peace, finch, and american hi fi, then a couple weeks ago i saw dashboard again.. because i love chris :), and i saw hot rod circut, loudermilk, and ash..

    woo.. anywho.. yes, i had to type it all! lol.. i think the best part of a concert is the opening act.. unless dashboard's playing.. like.. after phantom planet went off at incubus, i ended up meeting the guys, and jacques bartbar signed my purse.. it was awesome.. and they were awesome.. and sparta.. woo.. do i even need to start.. tomahawk was fuckin stupid, but the opening acts for dashboard were really good too..

    lol.. i totally forgot about woodstock '99... we all know who was there :)

    ps.. if you've ever heard of hot rod-circut.. check out the "name that tune" thread..

    im lovin this thread... good idea :)
  4. well i managed to find some...some are lost and some are just misplaced but here goes....

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  5. check out the price on the Who ticket!! free gig i've ever been to....hell best gig i've ever been to full stop....Peace out....Sid
  6. Im posting this...
    I just saw our lady peace this past friday...what a let down. I dunno, I wasnt really sure about them to begin with...
    The one song, Whatever, was awesome to see live. ill give credit where credits due, but the rest of the show pretty much was blah. Raine seemed to egotistically draw out the non radio songs (apparently much of the crowd didnt know) and the radio songs they played, he sang it seemed with his eyes rolling in the back of his head. i dunno if it was the crowd, or a bad night for raine, but not a good show for AC that night. fuck AC. not a good show for me.. lol..oh well..
  7. wow i love conserts!

    espesaily the mosh pit!

    last show i saw was diturbed

    lets see how many i can remember
    skid row
    pearl jam
    sole asylem
    not to mention the big events
    with two many bands to remember...
    and the 1000's of local bands down in tampa
    fuck i whish they had shows up here!
  8. i have probably seen savatage 6 times!

    i love this band!
  9. This summer was the summer of music for me! I caught alot of shows including:

    Kid Rock
    Ozzfest Indianapolis
    Ozzfest Dallas

    Included in the Ozzfest were the following bands:

    Ozzy Osbourne
    System Of A Down
    Rob Zombie
    Drowing Pool (Saw their last ever show, lead singer found dead on the tour bus the morning after the Indianapolis show)
    Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society
    The Apex Theory
    Lost Prophets
    Pulse Ultra
    Ill Nino
    3rd Strike
    Andrew W.K.
    The Used
    Tommy Lee took over Drowning Pool's slot so I got to see him in Dallas.

    Also caught Xfest which consisted of the following bands:

    Kid Rock
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Trust Company
    Breaking Benjamin
    Extra Blue Kind
    Birdmen of Alcatraz

    Nothing like an all day event of great music and a few joints to make for a great summer day!! Xfest also had porn star boxing with Ron Jermey as the special guest referee. Very cool!!
  10. One of my best concert memories was in 1987 at Redrocks ampith. Metallica was there on the ...and justice for all tour.They played 2 shows. I went the 2nd. The Cult opened for them- and the croud did not like them. They did not sound good at all.It started to spit rain, and people started throwing their SHOES at them. And the accuracy was amazing. Later on after they were booed off, the singer for Metallica said-"man, you fuckers are mean- half of ya got no shoes." I laughed, drank everclear and fruit punch, smoked out, and enjoyed it.That was a good year to see Metallica. Redrocks kicks ass.
  11. Swan, cool Metallica experience, I wish I would've seen a justice show. I was only 7, and into teenage mutant ninja turtles... too bad, not Metal!

    Shows I've been to:

    Metallica: San Fran 2000 with Korn and shit
    Megadeth: Fresno, CA 1997 w/ Sevendust. Hollywood, CA 2001 w/ Endo
    Pantera: San Jose, CA. 2001 twice.
    Slayer: Fresno, Ca. 2001 w/ American Headcharge. San Fran 2001 w/ Hatebreed
    Dream Theater: San Fran, Ca. 2002
    Type O Negative: San Fran, Ca. 2000 w/ Simon Sez (AWESOME SHOW!)
    Incubus: Bakersfield, Ca. 2002 w/ Hoobastank
    Fear Factory: Fresno, Ca. 2001 (road rage tour)
    Kittie: Fresno, Ca. 2002 w/ Depswa

    Those are the headlining bands I've seen. They were all killer shows! Next month is gonna be a good month for shows. Mudvanye, Stone Sour, Hoobastank, Tool, Korn, and others... I can't wait!
  12. alright lol. im not gonna post all the friggen concerts Ive been to..god knows this is a stoner board right? I think thats on of our favorite pastimes..but the top of the noggin says my three favorites:
    Steve Miller (beautiful outside show, perfect weather lots of green!!!!)
    Boysetsfire (love to get all rowdy and do some appropriate ass kickin)
    Incubus. (need I say?)
  13. Man, my favorite all time concert is actually a pearl jam bootleg. its from like a 98 tour and eddie vedder gets hit by a coin and fucking yells at the cunt who threw it at him. It's a fucking awesome concert. Speaking of which all pearl jam bootleg concerts are fucking fantastic to listen to when bent cause the music seems magical.

    Also the Counting Crows "Live in NY" cd' has a live concert on the second cd that is fucking the greatest concert. Adam does this addon to Round Here and the song is so sad..

    Ben Harper's Live From Mars, is another fucking incredibly insane concert. Every song you feel the music.

    But yeah more to the point.

    I saw No Doubt in concert cause my g/f wanted to.
    i didnt particularly like no doubt at the time but the concert was fucking excellent. Good crowd, good music and in the immortal stylings of Bob Marley, A nicely rolled spliff to smoke.
  14. lucky all you that live in concert central!!!

    i've seen: crash test dummies, tradically hip, bob dylan, def leppard, wild strawberries, 54-40, the kilts, great big sea, the irish descendents, the killjoys, treble charger, solan, i mother earth, our lady peace

    i think there's more - some of them so crappy i wouldn't want to remember. our campus pub had a band every thursday night - so some were forgotten at the bottom of a pitcher.
  15. I'm showing my age, but what the hell. I'm a lucky guy to have seen these great shows!!

    James Brown
    Paul Revere & The Raiders
    The Kingsmen
    The Coasters
    Jefferson Airplane
    Iron Butterfly
    The Young Rascals
    Cream/Vanilla Fudge
    Led Zeppelin
    Steve Miller Band/Illinois Speed Press
    Pink Floyd
    Grateful Dead
    Black Sabbath
    Box Tops/Backwoods Memory
    Rolling Stones/Stevie Wonder
    Procol Harem
    John Mayall
    Mitch Ryder
    Mike Quattro
    Buddie Miles Express
    El Chicano
    Jethro Tull (Aqualung Tour)
    Jethro Tull/Steeleye Span (Passion Play Tour)
    Leon Russel
    Chuck Berry/Chessmen
    Spirit/Bachman Turner Overdrive/Chessmen
    Charlie Daniels Band/Chessmen (Cowtown Ballroom)
    David Crosby & Graham Nash/Jimmy Spheeris
    Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention (Cowtown Ballroom)
    It's A Beautiful Day (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Captain Beyond
    James Gang
    Deep Purple
    Edgar Winters Group
    West Bruce & Laing
    Budgie/Missouri (Armaldillo World Headquarters)
    Canned Heat/Missouri
    Black Oak Arkansas/Missouri
    Head East/Missouri
    Jefferson Starship
    Guess Who
    Morningstar (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Poco/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Flying Burrito Brothers (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Alice Cooper/Kansas (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Ted Nugent/Cactus
    Eagles (1975)
    Eagles (Hell Freezes Over Tour, 1995)
    Bob Seger/REO Speedwagon
    Ravi Shankar (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Firesign Theater (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Arlo Guthrie (Cowtown Ballroom)
    George Carlin
    Robin Trower
    Elton John (1971)
    Elton John/Brewer & Shipley (1973)
    Elton John (1995)
    BB King
    Albert King
    Freddy King (Cowtown Ballroom)
    Albert Collins
    Drifters/Hot House Band
    Little Hatch & The Houserockers/Hot House Band
    Sun Ra
    Alvin Lee/Prisoner
    Savoy Brown/Prisoner
    REO Speedwagon/Prisoner
    Shooting Star/Prisoner
    Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
    Glen Campbell/Asleep At The Wheel
    Charlie Daniels Band/Marshall Tucker Band
    Eric Johnson
    Jimmy Buffet
    Paul McCartney
    Reba McIntire/Brooks & Dunn
    Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band (1995)
    Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band (2001)
    Marshal Tucker Band/Jakob Kayne
    socialburn/New Address

  16. saw foo fighters on saturday AMAZING!!!!!!
  17. Zoot23, that is amazing. You have seen a lot of legends.
  18. Yeah, hehehe, like I said, I'm showing my age, but I've seen some great shows. One of my personal favorites was seeing Pink Floyd in 1972. Floyd was touring to promote their "Obscured By Clouds" album, or maybe it was "Meddle." Try to imagine Pink Floyd playing in a 3500 seat hall with what was at the time their state of the art quadraphonic sound system. They had speaker stacks in the back corners of the hall as well as the usual front left and right. Their sound guys would do these incredible quadraphonic pans that would swirl around and really get into your head and mess with your mind. Everybody there was totally ripped. I somehow got a seat on the front row and at one point, they were putting all this smoke out of a big tube on the stage right in front of me and the drummer set this big gong behind his kit on fire and the flames were going up into the backstage curtains. I thought that Pink Floyd was trying to kill me!! It was a great show, unforgettable...`
  19. Guarantee I can't remeber them all, but here's a few.

    Allman Bros.
    Blues Traveler
    Bob Dylan
    The Other Ones(last week in Albany, NY)
  20. That musta been sumpthin seeing floyd in'72- i was 3. thats cool they experemented with sound that much, and like that, what a story! my fav. show has gotta be iron maiden, seen them in 86, 92, 99, and forth row in 01. 01' was the best show, for me.

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