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concerta extraction

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by whatevershoes., May 20, 2009.

  1. anyone know how to do this?
    i doubt i actually would,
    considering i'm not really into meth,
    but i'm quite curious.
    i have these beautiful little pills just sitting here.
    they aren't snortable,
    i've tried spooning them,
    the best way to get anything off them is orally,
    and those effects aren't enough to satisfy me.
    if anyone has reliable information,
    i'd love to know :wave:
  2. chew it like a gangsta. It may be hard, but it actually gets you high, the taste isn't even that horrible, ... for me at least. And sometimes ill cut the pill and peal off the extended release coating, but theres still some waxy stuff so you cant really snort it unless you get that shit off.. have fun
  3. well i actually meant how to do a meth extraction lol....
    like i said, not planning on doing it, just wondering.
    i've already experimented with them a lot,
    just getting bored.
  4. You can snort concerta easily, and it works better.

    Soak the pill in water, rub off the white outer coating. There should be to halfes of the pill if its a time release, one gray, one white. Chop the gray half off, crush the white part and snort it.

    But for an extraction you would have to find out if its soluble in anything, like water or alcohol, then go from there. To be honest I highly doubt its possible, Ive never heard anything of it.
  5. It's doable. look up methylphenidate extractions (you'll most likely find one for ritalin).
  6. they have a bitch of a gooey binder in them
  7. Yea really, it makes it so much harder.
  8. i just gave up on them, i've got a nearly full bottle of 36mg's and I'll probably just toss 'em.

    I've grown to hate methylphenidate but when it was all I had I'd just cut them in half with pliers peel the white half open and take the chunks of gooey crap with water.

    I took 3 54's in the morning one time with absolutely no tollerance and it was quite a ride, I really regret it though, I worked the shit out of myself and may have cause permanent epinephrin system damage. I'm probably just being paranoid though.
  9. Damn dude, thats fucking intense.

    Yea but I feel you, I've got probably 20 18mg concertas, have no use for them, Im thinking of just mailing them to someone who wants em.
  10. yeah I know, I feel a bit of guilt just throwing them away.

    I know somewhere, somebody is just tossing some xanax or valium or any sorts of opiates because they are nothing to them. But they'd be so much too me
  11. i usually just pop a few as a pick-me-up when i'm on downers....
    or i need to pull an all-nighter for school lol.

  12. i'll have them! :)
  13. haha, I assume Sea-Town means seattle... maybe when i'm there i'll accidently drop them somewhere public but hidden
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