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  1. Your "paid" subscription add at the top of the page says "These forums are not searchable by search engines and thus not indexed." Not real computer literate so here is my question, if I was to post some pictures/a question, am I running the risk of being traced/caught ? This is in regards to the free subscription....
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    The site itself is based in The Netherlands, so your ISP or personal info being traced isn't a concern yet at the same time forum threads can be searched through google and other search engines. But basically any picture/personal info you put on the internet is at your own risk.
  3. BUT the posts/pictures in the "paid members section" CANNOT be search through google and/or the search engine on the site.
  4. True i was referring to the non paid members sections, that is what the OP is asking.
  5. Reality Check: unless you repeatedly talk about having fields and fields of green or a growbox bigger than texas it is extremely unlikely that anyone in law enforcement would pay any attention.
    Also, avoid telling GC all about your genetically modified Manatee Marine Corps. UN will be all over that.
  6. Its at your own risk, everything on the forum can be searched into google, and you can be found through GC
  7. The content within the forum that is only for those who have donated is not indexed and is not searchable via a search engine.

    Anything else is fair game. That's why it's so very important to be careful about what you post in the forums.

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