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  1. This is my very first post if the subject does not properly belong here, then I owe you an apology!

    May 2, 2016 I happen to find this amazing site by using our favorite search engine (Google) then when I check the market here I was pleased that all the good stuff are available to purchase. I've been searching for a very nice water pipe for a quite sometime because my local smoke shop apparently have some counterfeit available which I'm afraid I can't do business with. To make the long story short, on May 2, 2016 I purchased a Roor little sister black series water pipe bong. It's a beauty and I can't wait to have this in hand. My question is, does anybody order water pipe here who lives in the US? And, how long does it take to arrive? When I check the site for service review it sadden me because mostly are negative comments. Please tell me your honest experience and I thank in advance for taking your time reading my post.
  2. The City has greatly improved it's service and even has a US warehouse now.
    I have heard of folks getting their shipment in just a few days. One guy did have to wait a few weeks recently though.
  3. My roor took a little over a week to arrive from gc. This was over a year ago though.
  4. I've had friends in boston and san francisco buy and receive high end ash catchers from grasscity. It just took forever because a lot of their stock ships from the netherlands, at least 10 days. there's really no way a package could be shipped from northern europe to the us between the 2nd and 9th. Give it some time, if you want, send an email asking if they have shipped it yet.
  5. Thank you for all the comments. I think I am capable of waiting at least a month. When I read the site for service review I wasnt mentally prepared to wait a product to arrive that long. I thought the Grasscity's headquarters is located in the mainland. I've never ever thought that my very first decent water pipe is coming from the land of pot world.

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