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  1. I recently made a topic regarding dry herb vape pens, and that got me thinking. I've never really thought about purchasing a concentrates pen until now, due to the reason I AM NOT A MEDICAL PATIENT. Is it possible to purchase oil carts for a pen (or just with a pen) if I'm not a patient?

    Just curious.
  2. Hello again josh im glad u made this thread. Please checkout my thread in te first link of my sig. I test various carts and attys and show u how u can save and make your own pen :)
  3. Very interesting thread, may have to try that out
  4. Dude its awesome to know u have a quality pen u put together yourself. Glance through the pages to see other peoples builds too. I just prdered a new atomizer too. will post results within the next couple days
  5. Sounds good, I'll make sure to check back.
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    yo thanks wax payne!
    You helped me build a sexy oil pen myself. It looks like the one you posted in the tutorial except without the skull. Save me loads of $
    EDIT: I was thinking about getting a dab setup. But that is way too expensive. and this pen is damn efficient. I am sure a dab setup would be a tad more efficient, but the ease and stealth of these vape pens makes me wonder why vaping, and specifically vape pens haven't caught on
  7. T
    Topdog, i cant thank you enough man, seeing this really makes me happy :) i really appreciate you taking time to give this a try and experience how simple, cheap and effective these pens can be :)
  8. So i got a sexy oil pen and it works

    My friend gave me this pen after he used it to quit cigs

    image.jpg image.jpg

    I am using the oil pen wit concentrates and i was wondering if there was anyway i cud throw wax ans ehookah liquid directly in the clearomizer? And just vape it like that?

    There are some weeknights where i gotta wale up early and fresh. In those cases i dont like to use my oil pen. This oil pen gets me LIFTED which is a good thing. But its a bad idea to take dabs on a weeknight knowing i gotta wakeup around 5:30-6ish and workout

    So once again, i wanna boil down that paragraph to the basics:
    Can i throw wax and ehookah juice directly into the cheaper pen above? And shake it up in the clearomizer?
  9. On a side note, u cud very easily create a business with these pens. Just an idea. It wud b $50ish for the basic pen. U cud sell it preassembled. Not a businessman myself. Just throwing u ideas

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