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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Countboomy, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Hey so I have this cartridge and it still has about .2-.3 grams of concentrate in it but there’s bubbles by the feed slots and the sides won’t run down at all. I’ve already unscrewed it and mine doesn’t have the blue rubber thing up top you can pull in and out to get rid of bubbles I’ll post some pictures. Thanks for any help. Bubble I’m speaking about is in the middle of the cartridge at the bottom and it’s on both sides right by the feed slots

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  2. Just keep hitting it. When it heats up it will flow the goodness into the feed holes no problem.
  3. See that’s the thing thought it literally will not hit at all
  4. Is the cartridge glass and metal? If so you can try heating it with a lighter but be careful.
    Don't do it if it's plastic!
  5. If you have the little silicone stoppers that came with it (hopefully) you put those on and boil some water. Put some in a mug or cup, wait 2 minutes and dip the cart in it for 6 to 15 seconds. It will flow the goodness hopefully. Try not to get any into the mouthpiece area of course.

    Alternatively heat it up a little with a hair dryer! Keep fingers safe.

    I would not use a lighter but maybe use a butane torch for a half second if I was really desperate or lazy or both.

    Also... Sometimes... You can put it in your armpit area for a long while and it will heat it up enough but more than often it does not...
  6. New2growerik and mook2420. So it’s metal and it never had the rubber stop as I have looked up the method you speak of. I tried heating and letting it run down but it gave me one hit and you’re left with what I’ve pictured above, at this point I’m going to disassemble and melt wax into my dab holder but thank you all for the replies. I came here, hopefully trying to find an answer but it’s all things I’ve tried. I love this community and will be back to help and or seek help for cannabis related things. Even though I didnt find what I was looking for you all gained a new family memeber and I appreciate the help I’ve received
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  7. Yeah man some carts will have problems no matter what. I've had to transfer the liquid to other carts just because the atomizer burned out completely.
  8. Dang man maybe that’s what happened to mine honestly haha. Didn’t even think of that
  9. What he said it's true
    I got one that never hit at all and I dabbed the whole cart. Lol it just wouldn't pull.

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