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conceal the smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kushalldaykush, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. #1 kushalldaykush, Nov 25, 2011
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    how do you guys get rid of the smell when you blaze?

  2. Walk outside while you smoke, blow smoke away from yourself downwind, no smell
  3. Yea smoke outside and wear a hoodie or sumthin. Then when ur done take the hoodie off, wash ur hands and chew some gum.

    If u have alot of hair, wear a hat
  4. im talking indoors guys, like using a bounty blower n stuff
  5. Smoke in the bathroom with the shower running or take gravs in your room and make sure you take the whole thing and blow it all out the window and it won't smell at all.
  6. what do you guys think about taking one hits in the closet and using a sploof in there?
  7. Buy a smoke buddy it has a carbon filter that eliminates the smell and smoke. Must have for all stealth smokers
  8. Who are you trying to hide it from- and how quickly do you need the smell to disappear? If you need it to leave immediately and can sneak around your house a bit, what I used to do in HS was smoke in the bathroom and exhale into a sweater or sock that was wet. Most of the smoke gets trapped in the water in the sweater. Then put that into a plastic bag until its time to do laundry. Make sure you have the fan on in the bathroom- some smoke will get out. Always worked for me.

    If you have time- smoke out a window and get some high quality oder absorbing beads- leave them in your smoke room. The good beads soak up everything!
  9. I used to just blow it out the window and leave the window cracked for an hour and sprayed some air freshener. Seriously though. SOME air freshener. Not the whole can. It kind of gives it away when it's strong like that.
  10. Well... what do you think about it? If thats what gets you going then go for it.

    I would opt for the bathroom or somewhere where I have some elbow room personally- closet does not sound fun unless you are richie rich and your closet is the side of a basketball court and has a built in Starbucks. As far as a sploof, again, I would opt for somewhere where smells cannot get stagnant. Sploofs are not a bad idea- depending on how they are made. Go somewhere with good ventilation.
  11. Pack one hit bowls, clear it everytime, stick a really long straw out the window to exhale.
  12. I had the perfect plan when it came to concealing the smell. Make a sploof first of all.
    If you don't know what a sploof is, it's a paper towel roll filled with dryer sheets. The idea is to blow through the paper towel roll and it will conceal the smell.

    What you do is make one of those, open a window enough to fit the roll, press it out the window or against the screen. Take a hit, then blow it out. Don't get cocky with your hits. Make sure you can take the entire bowl you pack, otherwise that little bit of smoke you leave behind will linger.

    You could probably do this without the paper towel roll, but it's just in case the smoke blows back inside. I'm sure there are better ways though.
  13. get a window fan with an exhaust option and blow hits near it, it will be fine in 20-30 min max
  14. Ahh, another thread, "how can I smoke inside without my parents finding out." From what I've learned over the years, don't smoke inside. Thats possibly the dumbest thing you can do if you DON'T want to get caught.

    Go outside and smoke. What I always did when I smoked by myself at home was this: I'd go in my basement with two sweatshirts, put one on, and toss the other one on a chair. I kept my stash hidden in my basement where no one would find it, loaded my bowl (which was kept there too), then went outside and smoked (the stairs from the basement lead right to my back door and the kitchen). I'd come back in, go down the stairs and switch sweatshirts and spray some axe and I never got caught that way. I wore axe frequently so it wasn't out of the usual for me to smell good.
  15. I smoke at night in my own room when my mom's asleep in her room, so I have a whole night for the smell to dissipate teehee. Don't even need a fan.
  16. Awesome new idea. (I think).

    2 paper towel rolls, not toilet paper. Duct tape together, well, so air/smoke can't get out middle. Make it into a big sploof. Open window just enough for the sploof to fit out. Smoke, and you don't have to lean out the window. In my room, I could sit at my desk while I did this.

    Edit: Or use one of those things for wrapping paper. It could double as a sword.
  17. Speaking from the exact same situation (albeit dad rather than mom) this is a terrible, terrible idea unless you can lock your room. It only takes once to get caught.

    If I choose to smoke in room, I open the window, sit between the side of a couch and the window, point a fan at an angle so it blows out the window, and have a sploof on hand. I use a bong and a soldering iron, and I use a little makeshift bowl cover to cover the bowl right before I stop inhaling (I pack large bowls, snaps are a pain in the ass to me). Then I spray some homemade air freshener (one part detergent one part water) all around my room and leave the fan going (I've kept my fan on at night for years now, helps me get to sleep) with the window not quite shut so air can just barely circulate out.

    Dem cautionary tactics

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