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Discussion in 'General' started by Smokey_McPott, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. I got this computer for my Grandma and It's a Whitebox but the Multi Media Audio Controller is not installed. I cannot play sound what so ever it sucks. I dunno anyone know what to do in a situation like this other then smoke a bowl and sing ?
  2. you need to install the audio drivers off the manafacturers website... its pretty easy
    just search for the model number on the comp and youll get wat you need.
  3. I don't know the manufacturers website i tried to good the whitebox homepage and yeah it's giving me a whole bunch of stuff thats not helping. Do you know the site and I should be good from there.
  4. it appears your computer is unbranded.... tell me this:
    1. right click on my computer and choose properties
    2. go to the hardware tab and click device manager
    3. if your missing a driver your goingg to see a question mark

    tell me what the question mark says and which category it is under.
  5. If you're missing your audio driver, and your audio is integrated into the motherboard (the main body of your computer), you'll need to find out the model of the motherboard.

    Then search in google for *motherboard model type* audio drivers.

    You should be able to find them no problem..

    Make sure you get the right drivers for your operating system, 64 bit drivers for windows xp 64 bit, 32 bit drivers for windows XP.

    Do what the previous poster said first, if you don't have audio drivers, you should find out what motherboard is in your computer, you can also do this in the same place he is telling you about.... I think...

    If not you're going to have to do something like talk to the seller of the computer, or take a picture of the inside your computer (make sure it is very well lit) and post it here, I can help you with that.
  6. Dude just Download the Realtek AC97 Audio drivers, 90% of motherboards without addin cards are AC97

    It its older than say 5 years try the "VIA AC97" drivers also.


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