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    Hey so basically what I have is abot an 8 in afghani kush clone. well rooted in soil bent 90 degrees so i have it growing side ways i set it unto flowering a week ago and its pistals came back slowly but really filled inin the past two days. It's in a hollowed out computer tower I have 3, 25 watt cfl's as my light source

    So to my questions Im just using sewing thread and tape to tie her down stems gotten nice and thick am wondering what to do when I run out of horizontal roomi have about six inches , should I kinda just shape away? I let it grow about an inch vertical so I could u bend it or let it grow up a little then bend again what have you guys done, heard, seem, or thought of and also any yield, advice, or anything on other similar grows by any readers would be awsome
  2. Yeah man just keep LSTing the hell out of her side to side or wherever their is space. Later on when she starts to take up too much area you'd probably be wise to trim some of the fan leaves off in order to give her some breathing room. peace
  3. i think that the horizontal lst is good but if your computer tower is like mine you probably have like 8 or so inches left... im using a grate that i keep weaving my plant through. i fucked up a bit and probably kept it in veg too long.. if i were you id put a screen or grate over it and start flowering... i really underestimated the amount the plant grows during flowering lol ill put my link on here just so you can get a look

    good luck.. maybe post some pics so i can see the baby

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