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  1. Notice how I didn't call you nerds :)

    Ok so I am setting up my Dell PC because of the move I havent done that yet. I plug everything in etc. and turn it on. Well the modem works and sounds just as normal BUT the monitor states it is in power save mode and I must move the mouse or hit something on the keyboard. Now my mouse and keyboard are connected (its wireless) but it won't do anything. I've tried to plug and unplug and that whole deal. Any advice on what I should do?
  2. Do you have more than one port on your computer where you can plug the monitor? A lot of boards have onboard video as well as a seperate video card. Check out the back and see if you can plug your monitor in somewhere else.
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    Too expand on what LiquidTruth said, if you have more than one of these...


    try switching to the other one.

    Also you say your mouse and keyboard are wireless, are you sure you connected the uh, dunno what it's called but I guess the receiver to the USB or ps2 port?

    And if you did is there a button on the keyboard or mouse that establishes a connection to that "receiver"?
  4. build a real computer and burn the fucking dell.. No really i had that problem on am older win 98 machine.. i replaced the video card and reinstalled the drivers for both monition and video card rebooted seemed to work great...
  5. many times what happens is the computer does not read the wireless keyboard or mouse until the drivers are installed. a bit stupid, but you may have to just plug in an old keyboard and mouse, restart and try again until youve installed the necessary drivers.
  6. Ya I think I'll have to do surgery tomorrow.

    Tried that and it still didn't work :(

    and I do not have another plug like that
  7. make sure your monitor is in the right mode (vga, dvi, etc)
  8. Try getting a hold or a corded keyboard/mouse first, see if the problem is with your wireless.

    If it is still in power save mode after this, I assume it is something wrong with the monitor, the connection, or the video card.

    From here, I would try to get a hold of a cheap video card to see if the video card is the problem. Also, check if your video card is correctly placed in its PCI slot.

    Hell, if you don't have a video card, and your video connection runs directly to the motherboard, than there could be something wrong with that.

    If none of this works, I would really get it checked out - Best Buy.

    After building my computer and failing to boot it up, I took it to Best Buy and they performed a diagnostic. It cost $60 to diagnose the problem and they WERE going to charge me $120 more to fix it (plus the cost of a new motherboard), but luckily I could fix it myself. It is pretty expensive, but it is a good service - use it as a last resort.
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses so far. I'll give an update as soon as I try some the suggestions.

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