Compressed High

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by zig864, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Check out this 1/4" thick nugget

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  2. Thats nothing amsterdam...where i am at the moment...the have HUGE buds.
  3. The neat thing about this nugget is it weighed over an 1/8.
    The "bud" was much bigger but was compressed for shipping
    i imagine. The image is a scanned image, i took the nugget and put it on the scanner to see how it would look. Ithought it turned out pretty cool. almost 3d

  4. IMHO that looks to me like its some Mexican Schwag. I know because this is usually what I see in Texas. It is not a nugget but a compact piece of some buds. Yep I think that's what it is seeing as how I can see one of the seeds in that chunk of bud. It usually does look like you got ripped off on your sack but when broken down it does weight out.

    Peace and Bud!!!!

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