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  1. Hey guys ,
    Just wanted to get an opinion on tea recipes for veg (bacterial dominant ) and flower (fungi dominant )feel free to post ur recipes :)

    My current tea recipe for veg Is :

    1/2 cup compost (5in1 cow , chicken, sheep manure , mushroom compost , blood n bone )

    Teaspoon or 2 of blood meal (14-0-0-0)

    30mls of seaweed (seasol liquid )

    15mls of Charlie carp organic fish fert (2-1-1)

    1/4 cup rolled oats

    Teaspoon of white sugar

    This makes a gallon roughly , airrated in a small gallon container with a large fish tank pump with two air stones for 72hrs to get the fungi microbes reproductive ..

    Anyone have any suggestions ??

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  2. I can NOT stress this enough. You only need a compost tea if you slacked on creating a good soil. You do NOT need to just dump shit in your soil. If you have a deficiency, then correct it. Otherwise. Just give them a drink. Its so easy. Dont over complicate it.

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  3. I like to top dress my compost/ewc rather than make a tea. It works just as quick, is a lot simpler, and is a lot simpler.
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  4. A lot of us have moved away from ACT but there is a very resourceful thread here that may have the information you're looking for.

    ACT - Aerated Compost Tea
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