Compost tea for flower.

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  1. Hey everyone. I tried to get a discussion going in the organic gardening section but there was a general pissyness to why I was in there forum. Anyway. I have been making compost teas for my beg for quite some time. I wanted to step it up and add some to my flower. I'm using botanicare. Four by four trays and 40 gallon res. I'm doing a recirculating system and I'm using rock wool as my medium. In my veg I drain to waste and am making a tea with worm castings humus soil and alphalpha meal. I brew it in a five gallon bucket for about 24 hours and then add full power fulvic acid and some rock dust. I add molasses for food for the microbes and great white and the very end. I use this for a fouler spray to act as kinda of a bio guard and then I just water my plants once a week with basically the tea. I forgot I also use sea green by beneficial biologics. Which I think is a pretty sweet thing. My question is does anyone have anything like this they do? If so does anyone have any input on what modifications I could make to Thai tea for bloom phase. I find that using compost teas in hydroponics gives you that taste of organica and is a game changer. I just haven't really tinkered around with the bloom teas in quite some time and wanted a refreshment. I know that bat guano and certain bird guano might be the way to go but are there some other things??

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  2. Sounds like a good recipe. Including the rock dust at the beginning gives the little guys something to latch onto.
    Also, adding the molasses at the beginning and towards the end feeds the beneficials.
    Some ingredients to consider:
         -Kelp Meal
         -Azomite (trace elements)
         -Soft Rock Phosphate
         -Insect Frass (chitin)
         -Sea 90 (trace elements)
    Have you read into fungi dominant teas? 

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