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  1. Aright so 2 months back , this girl i knew for awhile now (one of my friends) was at a party. picked her up . she said she was tired of her bf ditching her in partys to blaze , so i said its good well go chill at my place ,expecting nothing , just being a good friend as ussual . soo the night goes along .. watch a movie , then next thing u know were cuddling up, it felt great at that time , as this girl is pretty hot , 20 mins later we were makin out.. the night ended ,walked her back to the party . boyfriend must of been suspicious.

    2nd night it turned out we had a project to finish together ,didnt really do much of that , we were making out all night , she also gave me an unexpected BJ (u blades might find me a dick for cheatin but keep in mind i was a virgin and i knew her BF treated her not soo good ,no excuse but how resist )

    the 2 weeks proceeded nicely we were seeing eachother a day a week for the project ... she ended up breaking up with her BF .. weve been seeing eachother since then .. but a couple days before the first time i kissed her , this chick and i had a great cassual conversation(tought it went great) and for the present last week or soo she's been poppin in my mind ,i cant help not thinking about her shes really cute, its like everythings a mess , and beyond all this i dont feel in love with the other girl.. but shes madly in love with me waiting to say we can make it official.. so wat now were the 22nd

    its christmas in 3days :hello: but i cant break it off with her now :( and its not like i can say fuk it i have every class with her (another reason i sorta got annoyed with her )

    quick things

    - this is not an " ohh im sad/depressed kid story i know what i gotta do i just feel better getting it out / writing it u know ?
    - my MAIN reason this sucks altrough HS (last year now) i didnt have chicks ,and all of the sudden i have options all at once (wich one i need to deal with now :()
    - the girl (the one i cant stop thinking about ) well i think she likes me or a possibly .

    - can any of u relate abit to the mess i got myselft in ?

    thank u for readin ,sorry if my spealing sucked :smoking:
    and what did u do about it ?
  2. Make it official and give it a shot
  3. yeah dump you current girl on the 3rd of january. enough holiday time would have passed

  4. ive been forcing this in my mind for the last week .. idk blade . u know how some people fall in love

    and say theres almost nothing wrong with the girl , well i know theres always things that happen in a

    healthy relashionship but this one didnt even start yet and theres already of down siders
  5. Dump your current before Christmas
    Ask out new girl after Christmas

    No Christmas gifts were given that day
  6. If it were me, I'd see if i could work things out with the first girl. If she's madly in love with you like you say, she'll treat you well. This other girl might just be a flirt or you might not be so into her and you'll have ruined a good thing with the first one. If you haven't made it official yet, I wouldn't. Wait until New Years and if you just can't get into her, let her down easy and move on. If you like her, make it official then.

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