Completely Smashed = Spins.

Discussion in 'General' started by GetchaPull617, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Now, I Love gettin completely Wasted, just all out poundin brews. But the spins are TERRIBLE. People say the Spins are from Drinkin too much too fast, and I don't wanna slow it down haha, I like hearin what other people have to say about waring off the spins, for instance when I lay down on a couch or bed after Drinkin I put on foot flat on the ground to give me a sense of stability, so what yall know?
  2. It's from drinking to much, simple as that. I've drank real slow all day and still ended with them. Only solution? Don't lay down and close your eyes. Walk around for a hour or two.
  3. drink some water it helps a bit
  4. Walk around for a bit, or I find if I put in headphones, turn up the volume, and jam out for an hour the spins go away.

  5. This is the only way. Stay mobile.

    Even water wont help when you're in that deep.
  6. You get the spins because of the way alcohol dehydrates your body.
    This method honestly works. For every 3/4 beers you drink, drink 1 bottle of water and you will never get the spins. You can also eat things high in protein and fat to stop the alcohol from rushing so fast into your blood stream.
  7. I fucking hate the spins... next stop after that for me is blacking out.
  8. walk and eat some food, dont lie/sit down and shit.

    or try and pass out with your eyes rolling around

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