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Completely New To Edibles

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by l.xgv.n, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. I smoke everyday, multiple times a day. It's safe to say that I could smoke a few blunts in one sitting, however, I'm completely new to edibles. I decided to try and pick some up today but was wondering what I should go for. I'm unfamiliar with the milligram dosage and how much I should take since I'm new to them. Any info will be taken gladly

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  2. Well, hopefully you are in for a treat. I say that because it seems like there are a few people that edibles don't work for. 10 mg is the usual dose for a new person. Since you smoke so much you will probably want more. You may want to try a moderate dose, say 30 mg, to see how you react to edibles. You might also consider making some tincture. In any case, enjoy your edible!
    Just checked out the above link. It is good information.
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  3. I would stay start around 50 mg, it won't be too much to get you crazy high if your edible tolerance is low but enough to feel something if you have a high tolerance. I need between 100-300 mg of edibles for good effect, 100 if I still want to be able to function, 300 if I am chilling on the couch and gaming for the day
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  4. By a 100mg edible. Eat ONLY half. Wait one full hour. Repeat ONE FULL hour. If at the one hour mark you are feeling up to it then eat the other half.

    Ps, eating weed is a totally different high. It's totally fun but best to ease into it. A lot people over do it their first time and ruin the experience.

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  5. If you do happen to overdue it on your first time just be aware and don't have anything important planned for the next day.
    My first time I ate a half a brownie and was getting higher and higher for 3-4 hours straight until it leveled out and left me totally baked, when I woke up the next day still very buzzed I had to go to work and start IV's on 15 people.
    I thought that it would be a slow day at work; silly me right; who goes for these tests the day after Thanksgiving right?
    That was not fun, but I can laugh about it now.

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