Completely insane... Could it work, ever?

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  1. It is my dream that someday someone somewhere, will combine a marijuana plant with a vine that grows fast and strong so that this "Marijuana Vine" will run so rampant that it will be virtually impossible for the gov. to possibly control the growth and migration of this hybrid across the U.S and then the world.
  2. what...the hell...
  3. at this point it is virtually impossible for the government to control the growth of marijuana.

    How'd you think ALL of us keep smoking it?

  4. Lol this. Nice high idea, but that's how weed is in the middle east
  5. Think of if weed grew on a vine you could just throw seeds in the woods and around peoples houses and it would not only start growing but thriving in any condition vines are extremely durable plant/weeds and will grow just about anywhere. Why do people have to be so negative towards imaginative ideas.
  6. I think this video that I didn't watch will help inform you why that might be a bad Highdea

    [ame=]‪Plants Are Trying to Take Over the World‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  7. I honestly just tried to watch that it looks like something i would do when i was 6 or maybe 14 with some sort of mental illness, but still i couldnt help but laughing. It has nothing to do with plants actually taking over the world :) but thanks for the video <3 ily
    "Trees were drinking?"
  8. Awesome idea, but unrealistic.
  9. I'll tell you what I know. I haven't tried it cause I can barley speak arabic in a city that knows no english, but my Uncles neighbors yard had a 800 million dinar bust.

    1 Dinar = 70 US cents
  10. This is actually a pretty good idea, I think. I also think that it could be done, but it might take a really, really long time.
  11. Nah dude, you're just stoned :p
  12. I read some guy's plan that sounded similar to this besides changing weed's genetic trait's. His plan was simple just save all the seed's you have and on 4/20 go around and spead the seed's everywhere not all the seed's will grow but some will and if everyone did this just imagine the impact. I wanted to do it last 4/20 but i had no seed's( i don't smoke dirt).
  13. Nuclear missile > marijuana vine.
  14. I don't think that's a too far-fetched idea. I'm a gardener and I see the same types of vines and weeds fucking everywhere.

    There's probably two major problems though; being a) the scientific ability to actually perform this fusion, and b) the fact that probably, weed grown like this will have tiny buds with tiny THC levels that taste like shit to smoke.

    Still, it's an interesting though.
  15. nothings impossible man! thatd be BOMB! lol i see it now. just walk out in my front yard and pick an ounce off the vine. lol.:cool:
  16. What if we fuse with plant life and weed grows on our head. Aw shit? Aw shit.
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    hahaha that will be the day sir
  18. Marijuana Vine > Barack Obama

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