completely fucked

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. welp goodbye gc...... the police r on the way to my house right now.

    my dad caught me makin a san pedro tea and called the cops n shit. i'ma be in either jail or a halfway house for awhile.. it was fun while it lasted. goodbye.
  2. wtf is that and why not just ditch the shit before the cops showup.
  3. Jesus Christ, negligent!

    Get rid of anything you have...flush it...if you have time to be on here, then you have time to do that.

    What the fuck is up with parents these days that they have to call the cops on their own fucking children instead of dealing with the issues themselves as they well should? When a person brings a child into this world, it's their responsibility to deal with this shit instead of being lazy, copping out and calling the cops.

    Tell your dad that Rumjilly said he's a straight-up, responsibility dodging PUSSY!!!! :mad:

    *edit* That's technically not name-calling since his dad isn't a member here. :D

    Poor negligent!
  4. damn, ok i gotta think, i dont got anything in the house right now that i can remember, and drugdogs are gonna be here tomorrow to search the place, but i got nothing illegal.... the cop said he aint gonna press charges and leave that up to my dad, and my dad said i can either get drug tested tonight and if anything besides weed and dxm shows up (i didnt do anything else that i can remember) then i get sent to a halfway house, or i can be placed on probation n shit, so i'ma go with the drug test, haha and i'll be free i hope.
  5. Lets hope. Good luck.
  6. wish you the best of luck my friend!!
  7. Negligent.... please please please remember these words: BE MORE CAREFUL!

    Fuck man, quit getting caught, your gonna fuck yourself!

  8. WOW! I think I've read this same exact post to negligent before. Did you copy and paste this from another thread, smoke_the_dank???? ;)
  9. Be FREEE negligent!!! and fucks sake man do be carefull
  10. That's harsh, I'm guessing you didn't get to have your San Pedro tea either then, damn.
  11. It seems everyone has been getting picked off by the parent crosshair nowadays. My dad got me for shit a year ago and there is always someone on the city that is in some horrible situation. I agree with RMJL. The parents need to be more like parents than lazy asshole citizens.
  12. whats that tea thing?
  13. Thats sucks that your dad is doing that shit to you dude. My mom caught me a few weeks ago. She was actually cool with me smoking weed which was surprising. She just told me not to drive right after I blaze and not to spend all my money on the herb
  14. sry to hear that man, your dad sounds like an ass hole. I hope everything works out for ya
  15. Shit, man...that's not right. Cops are supposed to go after bad people. Not you!!! Hope you get off the hook...

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