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  1. ok I have been told a bunch of dif things about watering my babies, I am growing in soil n sum say mist the leaves with seltzer water, some say water the soil and then some say put the water in the pots drainer n let it absorb, but I wanna kno wat is best for my MJ plants
  2. I would say general consensus is water the soil. Only give it more water when you can stick your finger in the soil about a 1/2 inch deep and feel that it's dry. She'll tell YOU when she's thirsty, you don't have to force it. Keep an eye on it for awhile, and it will become pretty routine. Different stages require more or less water though, but again, she will tell you when she's thirsty!

    Good Luck!!
  3. thanks a lot n another quick ? if u dont mind. I always thought that watering the soil compacts it n makes it harder 4 roots to grow, is this complete bull shit?
  4. I've recently started growing and from what I've read there's really not much threat of compacting your soil so bad that the roots wont grow. If anything the little compaction the water gives makes the plant's base sturdier.

    Of course with small seedlings you want to make sure your gentle when watering, dont want to have them floating around getting damaged.

    I've never heard of such a threat from watering the soil. So yeah, bullshit. :D
  5. ^This. And to add, don't water at all in between, worst mistake you can make is to try to keep the soil constantly moist. Water thoroughly when you do, then let it dry out a bit until next time.

    Watering will compact the soil, so you should have a soil mix that includes things that counteract that. Use perlite and/or clean sand in your soil mix, and sphagnum moss also keeps the soil fluffy.

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