Complete Fox Farm Grow 1000W MH/HPS PICS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rzf0001, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Finally back after being gone for a while. Starting my medicinal grow so hope you all enjoy.

    Set-up: 4'x8'x6' Grow tent
    Virtual Sun VS1000DS 1000W MH/HPS
    Ventech 440CFM 6" inline fan w/insulated ducting
    Phresh 6"x18" inline duct silencer
    Fox Farm OceanForest soil
    Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom & Bush Doctor series
    3 gal. black planters

    Acquired 5 Blackberry, 5 Blue Cheese, 3 ATF, 3 Blue Dreams, 1 Headband, and 1 Pineapple Express clones and planted them in a 50/50 mix of OceanForest soil and perlite.

    Using the Fox Farm Feeding Schedule

    Attached pictures are 3 days old. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment and ask questions. Hope you all enjoy...
  2. Looks like a great setup you've got and you've got taste judging by the strains you're growing. I'm sure I'll be learning a thing or two here so I'll be checkin' in here routinely :)
  3. Pic update. Growing strong and one hour till lights off.
  4. Thought there would be some more feedback...
  5. Seeing some spots form on one of the plants and the one with the bigger spots have been there but looking a little worse. Curious if anyone knows what is going on with them.
  6. Whenre you gonna start feeding them?
  7. They received their first nutes two days ago and I halfed the amount of Grow Big just to get them slowly acclimated.
  8. I honestly would hold off on nutes for at least a few more weeks ffof soil has enough nutes to last a month+
  9. I cut the soil in 1/2 with perlite so its not all FF.
  10. So wat are you using to keep things cool? Wat are temps lyke? This summer heat is killin me and my pocket with all these elec bills.
    Also how big are you gonna veg till you flower? Any mothers? Take clones my dude of your favs
  11. I have a 6500 BTU window a/c running at 68 during the day and it keeps the temps between 68-75. Last night the temps got kinda high because I forgot to open up my ventilation system and had it recirculating in the room so it got to about 80-82.

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