Complete Bull

Discussion in 'General' started by scking, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. What the hell. Someone gave me negative rep. Thats not cool i dont deserve that. I never do ne thing bad thats bull.
  2. dude, what fun would someone be if they ONLY got +rep....? they'd be a fucking suck-up or something...or well-liked....whatever. :smoke:
  3. thats just not very cool that i got negative rep for no reason at all. I dont really care just thought i would point out the injust of it.
  4. you actually made a thread on this?

    dude its an internet forum commodity, its not gonna kill you.

    there are tons of kiddies on here who can play with the rep system, luckily only once per person and not much in one day.
  5. This thread is totally pointless.

    Edit: Scooby beat my to it...
  6. hey man u guys are too harsh. i was just sayin so calm down and take another hit.
  7. i love you guys
  8. i love you too scking.
  9. :smoking:

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