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Competitive sports and marijuana use

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aspire5050, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. So I a play junior hockey and am committed to go to a division 1 school next year. I'm a closet smoker and have been for a few years. It seems to me that my endurance and stamina isn't what it used to be but I question whether it's related to smoking or not. Any one have any info on marijuana smoking and how it affects athletic performance especially respiratory/pulmonary function or that could direct me to some it'd be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance
  2. if you smoke alot, you get tired and out of breath quicker when running or doing excersize. try vaping.or hubby bars.

  3. honestly, as much as research shows the negative physical affects on your body you shouldnt worry about it if you dont think it affects you.

    i had teamates in highschool who would smoke before football games and they would play great.

    but make sure your ready for drug tests though since your d1.

    i actually failed my drug test at a dIII school and its a mess so i thought id give u a heads up
  4. You could prob keep smoking just maby cut back. Don't know if you smoke a lot or not but...
  5. I am in the middle of my season right now (college basketball) and I can tell you from my experience that it definetly has an effect on performance. I smoked about once per day (usually half a blunt) at night for on average 5 days a week from late september to mid january. I felt I needed a break because I was not performing up to my expectations. Since I started my tolerance break 12 days ago I have definetly felt a difference in my performance. I would say that my stamina has moderately improved during that time but I have seen a great increase in my court awareness/reaction time/motivation in practice. I did not think quitting smoking would have this great of an effect on my play but it has and I'm glad I did. I'm never going to mix a smoking lifestyle and sports again...that will be left for the offseason and the summer. At least it will keep my tolerance down...hope this helped.
  6. i tried playing basketball high twice....both times i nearly passed out. :D
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    You guys are weak...I've smoked every day for like 3 years and it hasn't slowed me down physically. I can run a 6 minute mile and dunk...

    EDIT: I play pick up games high all day long...hands down my favorite thing to do while high.

    And OP, its your call. If you think MJ is slowing you down, you should stop and see if it helps. Personally I think it's all mental...of course smoking isn't good for you but smoking a little weed wont do 1/10 the damage tobacco would.

    Of course this is coming from somebody with a high tolerance. I can pretty much do everything just as well high as I can sober.
  8. ^^^yea I can too fool but theres a difference between doing that and playing a college sport at a high level (no pun intended).

  9. Maybe it's the blunts and not the weed?
  10. I play Jr. and I smoke pretty much all day everyday.
    I haven't really seen it effect my performance, but I've been tokin' since Bantam AAA. So maybe my body is used to it.
    I used to smoke before games for my anxiety, now that will definitely effect your
    game hah. :p

  11. i guess basketball isnt my thing then. :)

    sticking to twelve ounce curls and simultaneous thumb and button mashing exercises.
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    I think a vaporizer would lessen the effect but I cant smoke in my dorm and I have to stealth smoke on this campus and blunts are perfect for that.

    Nah cant vape in the dorm, roommates dissaprove of that.

  13. You could vape in your dorm, lol..

    They pay for themselves. Consider it and do some research.
  14. i actually play University hockey in Canada, i toke up everyday and i havent felt that its affected preformance, of course ive been toking for a couple years so i guess i dont really remember what it was like without it:p
  15. I smoke before during and after skatboarding. And im not talking about that pussyfooting shit. ;)

    I think after you smoke alot you'll be tired and out of it
  16. I play many sports and workout alot. But by endurance do you mean losing breath easily or your muscles getting tired. Yes my breath goes away faster but for me thats not a big deal you can still breathe. But if your muscles are getting tired you may have a problem. Hope i helped.:smoke:
  17. personally i toked a lot when i was doing MMA training and it didn't bother me at all, i think once you are at a certain level of conditioning the fact that you smoke becomes next to irrelevant, but that's my personal experience
  18. Blunts have tobacco in them, that is one of the main causes.
  19. Michael Phelps smokes weed :smoke:

    But honestly, get a vaporizer and it would not effect your athletic performance at all.
  20. I'm an ex county standard runner, still do marathons and I smoke bud, if this helps at all. I don't think it makes a difference if you do it no more than a couple of times a week.

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