Compesation for trimmers?

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    I came up blank on a search so I will ask.
    I've got a bit of trimming to do and will be getting help from a qualified/ experienced trimmer. Is their a going rate in Bud for trimming? Don't really want to offend or over pay. If it matters I'm west coast USA. Thanks for your help GC!:smoke:
  2. usually in our area its all you can smoke while trimming plus a 50/50 split on buds. any way i can help? just kidding. due to its stressfull circumstances trimming does pay well, however you should be straight up and say i dont no what to offer, but i want to be fair without insulting you or paying out too much of my stash. ask what he thinks is fair, show some sack bro! most good friends pitch in for the evenings smoke while pro trimmers can make up to 5 hun per day. its all relevent to how long the trimming goes on and the actual comfort level for trimmers. for a big lot id offer not more than 10% as a good trimmer will save you bucks down the road for a few plants id offer 5% or just nut up and do it myself and keep my zips! -D-
  3. Sounds like good advice. Thanks deweyj!
  4. $20-30 an hour or an ounce for every pound trimmed.

  5. Thanks Simon. Looks like I will have all the ruff trimming done and will use their skill to polish the herb. Just not enuff hours in the day!
  6. offer a fatty chunk of the hash you should be making out of the trim.
  7. Wow... didn't know people could get payed that much for trimming. I know it's tedious work, but when all is said and done it's easy work. Sounds like I need to find someone with a few pounds to trim :p
  8. Ya u pay trimmers well so they don't rip u off
  9. Try to stick to people you can really trust. Compensate by the amount they trim so you avoid overpaying for a beginner trimmer or underpaying for an experienced trimmer. An experienced trimmer working all day can do anywhere from 1-2lbs compared to a beginner/intermediate doing under 1lb in a full day.

    [10/oz] or an [oz per lb] depending on what they/you decide is fair. Try to avoid bringing hired hands near your room. Take extra precautions with locks and leaving stuff out.

    Hope things work out well for you!
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    Solid advice ^^ and right in par with experiences ive had around here... Might just be the Oregonian play book

    U kno what pisses me off? When ppl say Oregon wrong, it's not Owr-ih-gone it didn't go anywhere motherfucker! It's OR-Y-GUN or OR-IH-GIHN we only had the best college football team last year get it right fuck.
  11. its usually around 20$ an hour. (tax free of course)

    now me on the other hand. i would trim for just the trimmings i trimmed. make some tasty hash :)

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