Compatible strains for 1 big resevior

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by danksta14, May 1, 2016.

  1. Ok so i am faced with a little dilema. I have a 14x16ft' room that I am planning on putting on 3 4'ft 55gallon reseviors and per resevior have 8 6'ft 10 site Aero troughs coming off of both sides of the resevior. So 16 10 site troughs per tray. ( Actually now that I am writing this I believe I have 2, 3, may 4 dilemas). What I was planning on doing was keeping each resevior seperate so i could have a different strain in each resevior, allowing said strain to get its optimal nutrient intake. Though connecting each reservoir and having to only fill/drain one resevior is much easier opossed to having 3 reservoirs to maintain. So my first question can I have 2-3 strains all having similar genetic traits in one resevior or should I just connect the 3 reseviors and only grow 1 strain =(?
  2. if its all in the same room and your pumping water out and in for refills whats walking over a couple feet to the next rez? run 1 strain or run 3 reservoirs. It's a touch more work but you can do it!

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