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  1. There are many new BHO dabbers out there right now and i've been trying a number of them. Lets build a comparison of everyone's preferred Concentrate Dabbers and find the best one. What is your favorite dabber?
    To add to the comparison, I've just ordered two dabbers online; one 4.0" titanium dabber by Highly Educated for $20, and one 5" stainless steel dabber by Spokers for $5. Ill be posting my review of the two dabbers once i receive them. 
    Here are the two places I ordered the dabbers from
    Stainless steel dabber

    titanium dabber

    Lets build a comparison of everyone's preferred Concentrate Dabbers. What is your favorite dabber and why?

  2. I like my he dabber with carb cab for functionality but I love a artistic unique glass dabber.

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  3. For Ti nails, use only a Ti dabber, stay away from steel. Glass ones are nice too
    but yeah, HE flathead w/ carbcap
  4. Mystic Timber makes sweet titanium dabbers with wooden handles. I like those a lot. The Santa Cruz multi-use dabber is cool too.. Kind of like both of the HE dabbers in one. But the Mystic Timbers are my favorite because of the handles. They don't roll and they just look cool.
  5. my glass guy keeps me in dabbers.
  6. Let me tell you - I work at a head shop so I got a sweet deal on a titanium dabber from Santa Cruz Shredder - it's the best thing ever.  It's got one end that's a cookie cutter, which is great for scraping really oily stuff off of silicon pads, and another end which is just this ball - which saves a ton of product because of the shape of it and the physics, though you have to be careful because I had one guy tell me that his end broke off.  Go quality in your dabber.  These things save you more than they cost, I've found.
  7. My he cap and dabber is all I use for dabbing. I manipulate my stuff sometimes with a nice clay tool that has a scoop side and a carving side. It's stainless so I don't dab with it anymore

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