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  1. I have a "vegetable" patch at the end of my garden which I have put my plants (3 of them) I also have peas and broad beans and wondered how they might effect the weed, they are only young no buggy to get rid, could provide good cover. I know the legumes fix nitrogen from the air so I might use the plants as green manure and dig it back in for next time. any thoughts on what might be a good companion plant. I had an allotment fir years and used to put onions around to keep out bug pests and marigolds to attract slugs away from crops. Thoughts? Btw I'm in southern England and loving the precious sunshine atm!

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    Sunflowers make another good companion planting.. a sacrificial plant as it draws off aphids and other sucking insects from your more desired plantings.. I don't know your pests but I'm currently fighting Powdery Mildew.. with Potassium Bicarbonate.. Hordes of Caterpillars with BT.. Bacillus Thuringiensis.. Grasshoppers = catch and kill when I find... Outdoors is not just plant and walk away if you wants a nice yield as I suspect you know if you already have a garden patch.. Neither the BT or the PB will harm your crop or produce as both are food grade listed to day of harvest..
    Buy new sprayers and mark each for it's dedicated material sprayed to avoid any cross contamination..
    Daffodils planted in a ring around other plants will help protect against ground diggers = gophers..  
  3. Hey, great ideas thanks. My main pests are likely to be spider mites and aphids. I will look into making some sprays up, sounds good.
  4. Garlic is a great natural deterrent to pest. Plant garlic around you plants to help protect them.

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