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companies that don't drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by GSMOKES, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. i'm looking to get a new job.
    anyone know of any companies that don't require a drug test to get hired?
    or at least don't force you to do random drug tests?
    please no fast food.
    i live in SC
  2. apparently my sister knew what she was talking about when she explained most resturant run businesses dont drug test

    she smoked confidently while lookin for a job and got her first one at Urban Flats

    no DT
  3. It's not fast food, but it is Food Service/hospitality industry, and that's Mcalisters Deli. They don't DT...
  4. Goodwill doesn't drug test. In fact, from my experience there, it's required to be on drugs while you work.
  5. i work at big lots..

    i get a 15 min break during which i blaze in line at taco bell.:smoke:
  6. Stop and shop/giant doesn't drug test:cool:
  7. Most restaurants, aside from hotel-based ones
  8. I worked at Academy Sports and Outdoors a couple years ago and they never drug test unless they become suspicious of you (going to work completely high or something and being a distraction I guess) and right now I work at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar and they never drug tests and im pretty sure my managers smoke so its all good. I can go completely blazed there and as long as Im doing my work its good, so yeah most if not all restaurants never drug test. I do know that Best Buy drug tests so dont try that, as do most car dealerships

  9. :hello::eek::hello::D:smoke::hello::bongin:That's music to my ears! I just got hired today. I'm going to wait until after my paperwork and stuff is finished on monday.
  10. I kid you not but the YMCA, or at least the YMCA of Middle Tennessee.

    Half the people I worked with as a teenager came into work hungover or coming down from a high. This one girl came in at the start of her shift with huge-bulging eyes and looked at me and almost shouted, "I've been on Speed all weekend!"
  11. Lmao i'm dying over here.
  12. While were on the topic...by any chance at all do you guys know if a sandwhich chain called "Jersey Mike's Subs" drug tests. I just got an interview and they're not fucking calling me back, and I was wondering if I can blaze or not... It's really pissing me off lol

  13. You should call tem and check on the status of your application. They may schedule you for an interview then. That's what happened with me. If they don't, then ask if they are currently hiring. If they say no, blaze it up.

  14. The one where I live does.
  15. Easiest way to do it is just ask, before you even apply just ask whats it hurt? If they say they drug test you wouldn't have got the job anyway and you asking some cute chick at the front desk isn't going to lessen your chance at getting the job if they don't.

    Thats what I do, if they say yes I say ok thanks anyway then and leave.
  16. Any decent work place is going to do drug tests because they get insurance money from it.

    If you cant step up to the fake pee quick fix, Id say get a job as a waiter. Good tips and easy job, plus good food half price hopefully.

    I dont think youd want to stay at a go nowhere job like Big Lots your whole life and lol no offense to that big lots guy.
  17. i am gunna apply there do they drug test you at the interview or random or even at all cause on the form it says it does

  18. you realize this thread is from 09 right lol?
  19. U blaze in line inside of taco bell? .....Id rep u but im not sure if its rep-worthy or autism-worthy....XDXDXD

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