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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mutus Liber, May 27, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking about ordering one of these bulbs for my 1 plant I'm gunna grow in my PC Tower.

    Which one would you reccomend me getting? I got about 18" across the top of my computer tower. But I dont wanna get a bulb that is too hot. I'm worried out it melting my duct tape to hide the light or just over all cook my little plant :(

    So I'm doing some lurking around on the 1k bulbs site. Came across this bulb. What do you guys think, for one Lowryder plant.

    I got another question, how would I mount that bad boy in my PC lol
  2. That will grow it but not good. I forgot who it is but theres someone on here who has a friend selling the flourex lights on ebay for cheap. He will probablly post here but if he doesnt by the time i find the ebay link ill post it.
  3. Not grow it good? What would I need to grow it good lol.
  4. lol its not enough light so you wont have a good harvest and lowryder doenst yeild much to start with.
  5. Alright what is it lacking? The wattage? Its like 5k Lums. Do I need a bigger watt bulb? The 70w bulbs are like 9 inches long! lol
  6. Yea the ones for around $20 right? the light i posted lin the link jas more lumens for only like $10 more., I thought you ment the a 60 watt will work fine but it would be better to get that one from ebay . Imo
  7. You dont have any smaller lights? That one is a little too big for my PC.

    How does that guy look lol. I think I will try and build a shield around it directing the light towards my plant and hopefully it not burning my computer tower down. Its all alumin tho. Also. Just to make sure I dont blow fuses or anything. My plug says 100w 125v. The thing you screw the bulb into on the other end of the cord says 660w 250v. And the bulb says 85w (350w Incandescent Equivalent (Approx)) and 120v. According to the area I screw the bulb in, I'm safe. But according to the plug that goes into, I'm not hahah.
  8. With that light your fine. Its a cfl so it wont create much heat anyway so no need to get too woried. I would use 2-3 of them if you can . It comes in a 12 pack so youll have enough if you need more light.What are you plugging it into?
  9. Thats the thing. I dont know what to plug it into. Do I just goto home depot and get a bulb outlet? Twist it in, plug it in, turn it on and im good to go? lol I dont know if it needs a special type of housing for a CFL or anything.
  10. Just go get a clip on light.(not sure what theyre called) they have a circle reflector. Just take that off(screws right off) and youll have a socket that plugs in and the clip to clip it on to somthing . you can take the clip off if you dont need it by unscrewing a screw.
  11. Yeh thats what I figured. When measuring the Watts of the CFL for the socket. Do I measure by the actual CFL watts or the incandescent watts that it equals too. Like 85w equalled 350w with that bulb. How hot do the CFLs get? Would I have to worry about my alumim PC tower? Should I build a small shield?
  12. No its saying it puts out as much light as a 350watt incandescent using only 85watts instead of 350. Cfls arent very hot. I had them running all day and can touch them without it burning too much.they do get hot enough where you wont want to touch them but not hot enough to cause any fires . so no theres no need for a sheild . they can be put a few inches from your plant because they stay pretty cool.
  13. Awesome man thanks!

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