Compact 500 Watt Flouro?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KronicKen, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. Has anyone seen or used a 500 Watt Compact Flouro? They are ebing used for lighting live coral reefs and such and are advertised on Ebay (for 49.00 but u can get them at WallyWorld for 29.00) . As for heat genration in places that it can cause problems they seem like they might be effective.....Anyone use these units?

  2. SuP MaN?
    Im currently using a 500 watt compact floroecent work light you can purchase at Wal-Mart Or K-Mart for 19.76, I just started using this tonight. I heard they were really good lights for seedling and veg. growth. Ill Kepp you updated on how it goes*
  3. Yo did u really find em at walmart? the only one i saw was the 250 watt equivalent compact floro for like $9.99 wich gives out like 2500 lumens but a 500 how many lumens does that baby give out? well hit it up paz

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  4. YEah the units that sell on ebay for 49 or so are made by lights of america and can be had for 29 at HomeDepot
  6. dos that incude the light and the ballist or just the bulb??
  7. It includes the whole unit. With a 3 prong plug on the cord as well...only draws either 65 or 95 watts i do not remember.....But maybe with a few of these...the savings on heat generation alone may be worth having...But the proof is in the proverbial pudding...I would like to know if any have grown with these units?

  8. i havent but im planning on ...if that counts well i really hope they work i cant afford to buy an hps quite yet that and the light problems like get a total cover for them high beams but thats getting off tha subject floros are cool nice n simple no fusses no hassles no fires ...but hps does get higher yields and higher potency count ...hmm quite the dillema!

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t

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