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Community elected man of the year!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Thats right folks I've been elected man of the year from my community. I bet 90% of the dumb asses don't know i'm a POTHEAD. It's funny how things happen in life!

    I built and run a safe house for battered and abused women. I have just bought 50 acres that i'm building a park and playground for the kids of my community. With any luck i'll have it finished by the 25th of July.

    So i found out today that there will be a party in my honor on the fourth of May. Life just gets better and better!!!!!!!!
  2. wow your succesful and a pothead, you think if everyone knew they would not have elected you?
  3. way to go on the election and its really cool your doin/buildin all that stuff because of people do find out your a pothead it might bring new light to the term....
  4. Congratulations Bud Head, you've made the pothead community proud. If I had 50 acres I bet you can guess what I'd be growing.:smoke:
  5. congrats, i'd vote for ya
  6. Congratulations! Next it'll be Bud Head for mayor!
  7. congradulations. I'm sure every1 here at the city is very happy and proud of you.

  8. I bet its a really small community! LOL

    I knew I would get a crack on you sooner or later.

    But in all seriousness now, Congrats for the Bud Head! Anybody that is willing to just get off their ass and do something, anything, to help their fellow humans deserves a party in their honor.

    Good For You Bud Head, the Pride of Pegram, the King of Kingston Springs, the xxx of Ashland City, the xxxx of Dickson. LOL I bet I got one of 'em right didn't I old buddy.
  9. Bud Head For President!!! :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :smoking:
  10. Congrats man. Im proud to know you =)

  11. Thanks guys and gals. I have learned when i receive something great in life and share it with people, only good comes from it.

    Critter you are an amazing person to do the things you have done. I fopr one think you should be acknowledged as well my friend!! You have made peoples lives better here and around the world! Thanks for the oppertunity to know ya!

    BPP The honorable of Fairview. You were close with all of thoseothers you mentioned!
    To be honest there are only fifteen people in our community. Does that make you feel better?????hahahahaha

    At least i have Ashley on my side big brother!! And what i meant by that is you are taller than I!!

    Don't walk around naked BPP the pigs will squeel on ya my friend!
  12. [​IMG][​IMG]very cool Bud Head...[​IMG][​IMG]

  13. Congrats on your Community Award, I bet it feels damn good to be recognized in youtr community, and on top of that being a stoner and nobody knowing it, right on.
    It always feels good when a fellow pothead stands out and does good things for their community. Way to go Bud Head! You deserve it :)

  14. OK BPP you know what towns I work in. Guess what kind of work I do.

    I will say that I work in all of those towns but one at least once a week. The other one at least once or tice a month!

  15. Those are just towns that I know that are on the west side of nashville! LOL

    You must have been a little stoned to type this because we have talked about your line of work many times little brother!

  16. Yes and when ya see me face to face ya gona bust out laughing!!!! Big Brother
  17. Budhead for president!!

  18. I can handle that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Small community or not,,it is good to be recognized for your community well as another example that responsible cannabis user's care, and are often involved in the community's welfare....stand tall obviously deserve it...keep up the good work,...peace

  20. Thanks NdicaBud

    3,600 + people in this community I live in. I'd guess 1500 are secret indulgers.

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