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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rjizzy, May 3, 2006.

  1. GIVE THEM LIGHT! they are rediculously stretched and underdeveloped. THEY NEED LIGHT
  2. like ^ said

    that and your seriously overwatering
  3. your plants being underdeveloped is a direct result of the bad karma flowing from all your nike shoes filling the box with the unhappy plastic stench of asian slave labor blood.

    or so I've heard....

  4. ya man i would just start over. Germ a few more seeds and start them outside right away.
  5. Holy crap.
    I want to say it's a lost cause but you can try and save them.
    Once again, under developed, insanely stretched, and over watered.

    Once again, Give them more light- MUCH more light.
    Let that soil dry up a bit, and get the plastic bag off of them.
    Plants like fresh air, and all that moisture the bag is retaining is not helping your soil dry up.

    I'm curious to see what happens with these plants if you grow them out.
  6. ahhh... thanks for all of your advice.
    i put it outside after i made this thread.
    anyways, i got some seedlings on the way.
    so this will never happen again!

    one question though... after my seeds germinated and put it in the soil, do i put them outside right away? or wait for a couple of days then put it outside?
  7. Either or.

    I let mine sprout outside, the location isn't important as long as the soil stay moist and warm and it gets light.
  8. oh ok. should i put them inside at night or leave it out? and thanks.
  9. You can leave it out, as long as the temperature is within range. 70-ish degrees fahrenheit, no lower.
  10. if your in the bay area like your profile stuff says then just let nature do its thing your actually behind the curve almost by a month since almost everything is already flowering since ITS SPRING

    edit: after looking at those pics they AREN'T that bad what you should have done when you put them outside was buried that stem keeping an inch of the stem below the leaves above the ground and they would be just dandy

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