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coming down soon

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by unoit, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. HIGH All, harvest in a couple of weeks and mmmmmm can't wait....yes I can.

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  2. HIGH All, nice little BUDlett eh! AAAHHH look at All them crystals.

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  3. HIGH All, and might I add she tight like a....rusted nut.

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  4. HIGH All, one more closeup of the White Bud.

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  5. HIGH All, one JRS that was regened and will be done again to clone the Mother out of her.

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  6. HIGH All, same girl.

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  7. HIGH All, I can't stop they All look soooooo goooood.

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  8. Unoit,

    Looking great there pal! Got me drooling a bit, LOL. Good luck with you harvest, and let us know how much ya take in!
  9. i love them
  10. mmmmmmm looks yummy....yeah let us know how much you get and pics of them when harvested....Peace out...Sid
  11. 21 post well was this is my 22 but YAAAAAAAAAAA and i wish i was 21 DAMN Its hard being in the YFFF
  12. [​IMG]Looks good enough to eat unoit! You still using the bubblers?
  13. Me looks to it Like Homer looks to a Phat donut

    enjoy that great weedy man ;p

  14. HIGH All, thanks for the kudos All. No they are in a soilless medium vatoloco. Been to busy down Island working and Rocdog...well...was looking after things while I was gone, so out came the Bubble Buckets to make her life easier while I was gone.
    Now the Borg (spider Mites) have attack us and they get my Hot Pepper spray which I make. Once you get them and they take hold the Borg is a hard pest to get rid of. Never have bug problems with Hydro.

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