comercials can be devicing...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. ok well last night i was wicked baked and i was watching tv. all of a sudden this girl start talking about symptoms. she said like: do you expierence over active adreneline rushes? "do you feel the need to go fast everywhere you go? do you try to push life to the extreme?" at this point i was like holy fucking shit! theres auctually medicine for this! i need to call my doctor i have this! "then you may have OAD; Overactive adreneline disorder. you may wanna consult your doctor about treatment."

    turns out the whole thing was a ford focus commercial. i was pissed cuz i thought it was for some medicine... i was so convinced that i had a pen and paper ready to write down a phone number... haha...

    im still pissed... i do have OAD! haha. just ask my R6.... itll tell you theres something wrong with me
  2. The only sad thing is that, without a doubt, someone in the future will make a medicine up for your "condition" and sell it for a lot of money. Just like the anti-depressants and stuff they give kids to make them not act like kids.

    But yeah, I hate "fake" commercials too. If I'm baked i usually don't catch on and get excited because the fake commercials are always for really great stuff.
  3. well, first and foremost, the word is deceiving not devicing, and second of all, you're absolutely right about the commercials man, though that's a low blow in terms of moralistic advertising. meh, it's not like there's many commercials that don't pull that sort of shit to a certain degree, more or less.
  4. I thought this was already called Ritalin?
  5. sorry im baked.... devicing... haha
  6. there is a cure for this fictional disease

    gram or two of herb melted in peanutbutter at 320 till its steaming and puddling

    dip cookies and shit in it... you'll lose the feeling in your legs and gravity will get 10x as strong

    the former you'll find funny as hell... perhaps like me you'll think of that alien movie with the cripple dude ... "maaaa legs ahhhhhhh"
  7. i saw the title of the thread and thought "NO FUGGIN WAY. IMPOSSIBLE!!!"


    perhaps you got ADHD?
  8. Heh: Do you have headaches, palpitations and a feeling of "impending doom"? Then you have phaeochromocytoma- your adrenals are pumping out a shit load of adrenaline because they have tumours. Have a nice day.
  9. scoooooooore! speed script? lol
  10. "Commercials can be deceiving"?! Let's change that to "commercials ARE deceiving''! You'd be hard pressed to find a commercial that isn't in some way deceptive. It's called Advertising... a way to get people to buy your product. Even if it had been a commercial for some sort of medicine to treat a real disorder, it would have been brought to you with its share of deception.
  11. just noticed, he didnt mean it was decieving, he ment devicing... so they... make things? whats the definition of devicing?... damn stoners..

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