Comercial LED Grow

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Blimmer, May 5, 2011.

  1. Very impressive op indeed.
  2. Has anyone tried those prosource UFOs?
  3. No but I'm going to try one for fun
  4. very berry nice ..4 sure
  5. I love LEDs. But man a grow like that would cost so much money lol
  6. This guy makes out like the cost isn't an issue cos he saves so much on running cost/ac etc
  7. seems like it would take years to actually recoup on electricity and other costs when you factor in the actual ridiculously high cost of good LED lights.
  8. But when you think how much it would cost for installing ventilation and AC nevermind running costs in a big warehouse I think it makes sense especially if you are getting better results I bet that guy gets one hell of a discount for bulk and the fact hes letting them use his grow for promo purposes.
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    Yup commercial led warehouse= bad idea

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